About Chip

ChipWhen it comes to pet medications, Chip is your main Man. Or should we say Dog! Chip is on a mission to allow all Humans to be able to protect the Dogs they live with for a minimal cost.

My name is Karen, and I wrote this site as I was so fed up with paying high prices for common medications for my Pets. It was getting expensive. So, after looking at numerous pet meds sites Online I wanted to point people to the right places to buy for a low cost.

But most pet meds sites are boring. So I thought it would be fun to allow 2 of the animals I live with to write about the products that are for them.

So Chip the wonder Dog is going to be found writing about medications like Frontline Plus for Dogs, and Heartgard Plus chewables. He finds you great deals, likes to write with a little bit of Doggie humor, and will also provide lots of great information about each product too.

I hope you find his contributions helpful.