About Tato

TatoHere is Tato without her cool shades. It’s not often that you get to see her like that. But who is she, and what does she do?

Well, here at the cheap pets meds site she has one mission, and one mission only. To save money for people that Cats own!

It may seem unusual for a Cat to be writing posts about popular pets meds, but I (Karen) wanted to make a site that was a little but different.

So, Tato and Chip get to write the articles about the brands they know about, and point you in the right direction for buying at the best prices.

Hopefully you will enjoy the site, like the fact that it is written with a little bit of humor. And most importantl,y get all the pet medications that you need for a nice low price. All with a little bit of help from Tato Kool Kat, as she likes to be called!

I know, just humor her.