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Tato the Kool Kat here with all that you need to know about Advantage II for Cats. Also just known as Advantage for Cats. This flea medication works at lightning speed to eliminate fleas, and is available for an incredibly low price.

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All of us here at TatoChip have one aim, to inform people about the products they buy, and to let them know where to buy for discount prices.

It is amazing the difference in cost from one store to the next, and although buying online is cheaper than the Vets, the prices still vary a lot.

So if you want to buy cheap Advantage II for Cats follow my nose and get it for the best price I could possibly find.

But before we use medications like this it is well worth knowing how they really work, and what is in them. Please read on for all the information you will possibly need for Advantage 2 for Cats, so you are certain it is the right thing to buy.

Advantage II For Cats Information

Advantage II For Cats

With so many different flea meds out there, and advantage and discount Frontline plus for Cats being the most popular, people need to know just what is really best. So many sites do not give us the information we need to make proper decisions. I am going to help! So, here is all the information you need. Oh, and not forgetting cheap Advantage flea treatment for Dogs! They are usually more flea ridden than us lovely Cats! And for instant flea treatments don’t forget about cheap Capstar!

Update: Bio Spot for Cats is now also available.


Who makes Advantage II for Cats? It is the Bayer company.

Active Ingredients

What are the active ingredients? Imidacloprid and pyriproxyfen.

How Does Advantage II For Cats Work?

This is a dual purpose flea treatment. It not only kills adult fleas but it stops them from laying fertile eggs, and it kills off all larvae and eggs at the same time too.

It means that the fleas life-cycle is broken so they cannot return. No more eggs turning into fleas means the problem is solved very quickly.

How To Apply Advantage II To Cats

It could not be a more simple process. Even though I don’t like having it done, I know it is for my own good.

  1. Part the fur beneath the collar of the Cat
  2. Break off the top seal on the pipette
  3. Place against the skin where the fur is parted
  4. Squeeze the solution onto the skin
  5. Drag the end of the pipette down and away from the skin
  6. That’s it!

It only takes a minute and then us lucky Cats are safe from fleas for a whole month.

There are a lot of other common questions, so I will address them below.


How quickly does Advantage 2 for Cats work?

Very fast indeed. Within 5 minutes biting fleas are stopped. And within 12 hours all fleas are killed, along with eggs and larvae. It also kills returning fleas within 2 hours so it stops re-infestations. It works as soon as the fleas touch the skin or fur, so it about as fast acting as any medication of this type.

Side effects of Advantage for Cats?

Very rare but if they do happen then consult with your vet.

Can you use Advantage II for Cats on Dogs?

No, the right product for the right animal needs to be bought. They have different concentrations and are in sizes for the right animal, so always buy the correct product pack and size for the right animal.

Is this the best flea medication?

I think it is actually. If all you want to do is kill fleas quickly then it is cheaper than Frontline or Advantix, but they do deal with ticks as well.

Is Advantage II waterproof?

Well, um……………………OK, yes, it is. But this does NOT mean that you should go and give any Cat a bath. We are able to clean ourselves thank you very much!!!

Coupon codes?

Now and then we hear about coupon codes for Advantage II for Cats, and many other pets meds. If you want to be kept informed of any special offers for pet meds then please sign up to the newsletter.  It’s great!

How long does it last for?

It is designed to protect against fleas for a month. So should not need to be applied any more often than this.

Is it safe for Kittens?

It is indeed. it is safe to use on animals over 8 weeks of age.

What is the difference between Advantage and Advantage II for Cats?

Well, it is only the II version that is now being produced, and it is simply more effective at dealing with fleas at all stages, so this is what should be bought.

Best price for Advantage II for Cats?

Follow my nose at the top of the page and take a look at the price. I think it is the best possible deal online. All of us here try our best to point people in the direction of sites that allow them to buy for the best rates possible.

Who sells Advantage for Cats?

You can buy it from your Vets, or from numerous Online stores. Just be sure to compare prices before you decide who to buy from.

What is it?

It is a simple topically applied solution that kills fleas fast and protects against infestations for a month after application.

What if there was an overdose?

Contact a medical professional as soon as possible.

How to store?

Store somewhere cool and away from animals and children.

Does it need a prescription?

No, this is an over the counter product.

Will it stop ticks?

Unfortunately it won’t. If you want a flea and tick medication then Frontline Plus is highly recommended.

My Cool Video

I made a cool video for this great product!


Well, there we have it everyone. I told you I was a clever Cat!

I hope you have found this informative and that you like the prices I found. If you want to deal with fleas fast and effectively then I cannot recommend this product highly enough.



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