Advantage II vs Frontline Plus For Dogs And Cats

Today I am going to compare Advantage II vs Frontline Plus for both Dogs and Cats. I have already compared Frontline Plus vs Advantix, Comfortis vs Frontline Plus and Advantix II for Dogs vs Advantage II, along with  Bio Spot vs Advantix IIso now I want to also see how well Advantage II does in comparison to Frontline Plus. The medications work slightly differently for Dogs and Cats so I will compare each one for each kind of animal.

At their most basic, both products are designed to be primarily about ensuring that animals stay flea free, but they both offer a little extra in the way of protection too. Deciding which is better, Frontline or Advantage, is going to come down to the level of protection you want, and also the price that you want to pay. People struggle to afford pets meds, I know that, it is why TatoChip is here. To tell you how to buy pets meds Online for discount prices, and also to inform you of what products are actually best.

And who better to tell you what is best than the animals that get them applied to them!

So, I am Chip, and I am going to tell you what flea medication is best.

We will start with a comparison for the products for Dogs, which is only fair, I am the one writing this after all!

So, let’s compare the products and see what is going to be best for you and for the lovely Dog, and stinky Cat in your life!!!!

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Frontline Plus vs Advantage II For Dogs

This is best explained in a table, it gives you something very easy to refer back to.


TreatsFrontline Plus DogsAdvantage II Dogs
TreatsFrontline Plus DogsAdvantage II Dogs
Kills adult fleasYesYes
Kills eggs and larvaeYesYes
Stops returning fleasYesYes
Kills biting liceYesYes
Kills ticksYesNo
Helps control mangeYesNo


So there we have it. Both are going to offer a month of protection at least against fleas, although Frontline does protect against more than Advantage.

Plus with Frontline we will find that it can quite often protect against fleas for as long as two months, and Advantage usually only works for a single month, then needs to be re-applied.

Which Is Cheaper Frontline Or Advantage?

Advantage is cheaper by quite a bit than Frontline is. So, if you want to use a monthly flea treatment then this is the cheaper option. But only if Frontline Plus only works for a month. Some Dogs will have protection for 2 months with Frontline, but not all. It really does seem to be down to how the animal reacts to the medication. It usually only works for a month for me, so I would say that I am better off with Advantage.

It is cheaper so the Woman I live with can save money and buy me biscuits with the extra money!

Let’s see how it compares for Cats shall we?

Frontline Plus vs Advantage II For Cats


ProtectsFrontline Plus CatsAdvantage II Cats
ProtectsFrontline Plus CatsAdvantage II Cats
Kills adult fleasYesYes
Kills flea eggsYesYes
Kills flea larvaeYesYes
Prevents new infestations YesYes
Kills ticksYesNo
Stops biting liceYesNo
Protects against mangeYesNo


Interesting, isn’t it?

For Cats there is no doubt that again Frontline Plus offers more protection than Advantage, but again, the price is cheaper for Advantage.

For basic flea treatment and protection then money can be saved if Advantage II is bought. But if you want the extra protection against biting lice, ticks and the risk of mange, then Frontline Plus is the better option.

Both are waterproof and both seem to work for about a month in Cats. So it really is just down to what you feel is going to give the protection that the Cat needs. Most Cats don’t really seem to have many tick problems, so if this is the case then Advantage will be a good choice. But if ticks and lice are an issue then Frontline Plus is the brand to buy.

I hope that you have found these comparisons between Frontline and Advantage useful, and that you can now make a more informed decision.

Amazing how clever some of us Dogs are, eh?



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  1. Suzie says:

    Im trying to jump ahead of the fleas this year since we only had a 2 day winter here in porter texas. I learned that PetArmor Plus is the same exact ingredient as Frontline Plus. Much cheaper. I researched it and it is true. I found your website today as well….Thank you so much…Suzie

  2. Suzie says:

    I just left the comment about the PetArmor Plus vs Frontline Plus….I just did a little more research because I wondered what the inactive ingredients were in each of them. I discovered through the research that people were commenting on the difference being pet hair was greasy for al song as a week with the PetArmor Plus….one person commented that his dog developed blistering and his vet said not to use it. This is where I found the info anyway I guess im gonna stick to Fronline plus….hope this helps …thank you again Tato Chip yours truly Suzie

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