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Hello everyone, Tato here with a great price for Advantage Multi for Cats. I have a very cheap supplier that comes highly recommended for you today, so if you want to buy Advantage Multi for Cats you can click buy now to see the great price they have this for sale at.

Plus, and this is great news, they sell Advantage Multi for Cats without prescription too! You don’t have to send in an RX.

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Advantage Multi For Cats No RX

Not having to get a prescription means that I don’t have to go to the Vets (woo hoo!) and also the Woman I own, (you can read about Karen on the about this site page) gets to save money and time too. She doesn’t have to go to the Vets with me, or at the least go there on here own and get a prescription. And now you don’t have to either. The supplier does all the hard work, no need to post or fax anything!

But first you must make sure that the Cat does not have heartworm disease. Either via a test, or you must have been using a heartworm medicine every month in  he past. Don’t forget about Advantage Multi for Dogs as well.

Discount Price

The discount price I found, plus the fact no prescription is needed from you, makes this the cheapest possible way to buy. The supplier I recommend has great service, and the best deals I could find.

But before you buy you need to make sure that this is the right product for you. So, I will give you lots of valuable information below, so please read. I am a very clever and Kool Kat, you know!

Why Buy This Option

Advantage Multi Cats no prescription

There are lots of other medications that will protect against heartworm disease but not many that will also protect against fleas, apart from Revolution for Cats. But this goes even further and gives protection against so many different pests and problems that it is tremendous value.

Advantage Multi For Cats Information

You simply won’t find a medication that does more to protect Cats than this brand, it keeps us safe from so many things. Let’s see what it is going to protect against:

As you can see, it really is a very complete medication. Us Cats can’t help getting fleas and mites, it isn’t our fault honest, so people need to protect us. And heartworm disease is very difficult to diagnose in Cats, and even harder to treat, so a monthly preventative is extremely important. Buy it and use it every month!!!


Want to know who makes Advantage Multi for Cats? It is brought to us by Bayer.

Active Ingredients

It contains imidacloprid and moxidectin.

How To Apply Advantage Multi For Cats

It is very simple and quick to apply, you won’t have any problems. As long as you live with a good Cat like me!

  1. Part the fur on the back of the Cat, just beneath the collar line
  2. Break the top off the capsule
  3. Place the top of the capsule against the skin
  4. Apply the solution in 3 or 4 squeezes
  5. Drag the capsule down and away from the skin

Always make sure that it is applied directly to the skin and never to the fur, it needs to get to work quickly and effectively so this is important.

Safety Precautions

It should be kept away from animals and children and stored safely. It should also under no circumstances be given orally. If this happens then seek medical advice straight away.

Frequently Asked Questions

Can you give Advantage Multi for Cats to Dogs?

No, the dosages are correct in the pack sizes for the right animals and for the right weight. So always give the correct pack for the right animal.

 Is it safe for Kittens?

Yes, as long as they are over 9 weeks of age, according to the Bayer website.

Are there side effects?

It is very rare but there may be some in a very small percentage of animals. If anything untoward occurs then consult with your Vet straight away. It should not be used on underweight, sick or debilitated Cats.

Who sells Advantage Multi for Cats Online?

I picked a very cheap supplier, and you can buy easily. There are also many other online pet meds stores that sell it, as well as the local Vets.

Does TatoChip sell it?

No, we are all here to provide information about pets meds products and to tell people where they can buy cheaply. So many people struggle to afford many medications so Karen set up this site to help people save money. And we all like to recommend resources where we don’t need to send a prescription ourselves.

How is Advantage Multi no prescription available then?

It is because we buy from suppliers that do the work for us.

 How to store?

Keep it at room temperature and always stored safely and away from children and animals.

Are there coupon codes for Advantage Multi for Cats?

Now and then we hear about coupon codes for all the meds we talk about. Suppliers often have discounts and let us know. If you would like to be informed about coupon codes for pets meds then please sign up to the newsletter.

Let’s sum up all that we have learned about this medication. It is good to have a simple resource to refer back to that gives us all the main information that we need.


Advantage Multi For Cats
Advantage Multi For Cats
TreatmentFor total protection apply once a month all through the year
ProtectionGuards against heartworm disease, fleas, hookworms, roundworms and ear mites
AvailabilityYou can buy from our recommended supplier, and from Vets, and other online pet med stores
ComparisonsOnly Revolution for Cats even comes close to this medication
Best priceI think the supplier I recommend has the best price, and no RX needed either
ApplicationDirect to the skin below the collar line, where naughty Cats cannot lick it
Side EffectsVery rare, most Cats have no negative side effects at all


What I Think

Personally, if you have concerns about fleas and also want to protect against heartworm disease then this medication is about as good as it gets. Revolution is a good option too, they both do just about the same thing. So really it is down to people to decide which one they prefer to use. But for the low price it is hard to beat Advantage Multi for Cats, especially if you buy online for a cheap price.

Don’t Forget My Video

I made a video for Advantage Multi for Cats. Check it out!!!

OK everyone, time for a little snooze. I found a lovely blanket on the sofa, I just have to go and stare at the stinky Chip Dog that is on it and vibe him until he moves!



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  1. Hal says:

    hello. in the comparison table, and the company literature, it says that Advantage multi does NOT kill flea eggs. But your list on this page says it does. Whis is true? Thanks. This is the page I am writing from.

    Also, how do i sign up for coupons? what do i enter in the box? i tried my email and clicking on the subscribe button does nothing. thanks again.

    • Tato says:

      Hi Hal, it doesn’t kill flea eggs but it will stop them from developing as it kills adult fleas and stops re-infestations. And for coupons you should now have had a confirmation email after entering your address and hitting the subscribe button.


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