Advantage Multi Q & A: Everything You Ever Wanted to Know

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Advantage Multi Cats no prescriptionAdvantage Multi For Dogs no prescription

Do Indoor Cats Need it?

Many people believe that the rules do not apply to indoor pets. That they can’t get fleas, heartworm issues, and other common problems. The reality is that it is all too easy for Cats to develop heartworm disease or pick up fleas without even leaving the house. If windows are open at all then the risk is there.

It is advised that you treat monthly as heartworms are a killer in Cats and the risk (even if slight) is simply not worth taking.

I Gave it Orally!?

What! You didn’t? Really? OK, call the Vets and take whatever actions they recommend. Please read the instructions in the future before using any form of medication.

Is it Safe to Use Advantage Multi and Frontline Plus For Dogs?

If you want to buy Frontline Plus then that is great, it works well for fleas. But if you use Advantage Multi then you are also concerned about heartworm disease. And you do not need to use both options. Only ever use one medication for treating a problem, doubling up using different medications can cause all kinds of issues or side effects so it is never recommended. It is why it is so important that you do your research and pick the right products for the issues you want to address.

free of ear mitesWill Advantage Multi Kill Ear Mites in Cats and Dogs?

It will deal with ear mites in Cats as well as Dogs. Although not state on the packaging for Dogs if you take a look at Bayer’s page for this product they do state it works to deal with ear mites for both Dogs and Cats, which is great news.

Is Advantage Multi The Same as Advocate?

Advocate is the same product as Advantage Multi. There is no difference at all. Advocate is simply the brand name used in certain countries, and where it is shipped form will mean it may have either on the packaging.

Where Can I Buy Advantage Multi Really Cheap Online?


Go to our pages for the product for Dogs or Cats and you will find out how to buy it for the best price available.

How Long Does Advantage Multi Take to Treat Mange?

Mange can never be totally eliminated from Dogs. They will always have at least a certain number of mites. But it can be put under control very quickly with Advantage. Normally 1-3 months is sufficient for the issue to be cleared up and your Dog to return to a happier state of being.

Can I Give Dog Advantage Multi to My Cat, and Vice Versa?


Absolutely not. The products come in different pack sizes with different ratios of ingredients for different animals so never mix up packs for Cats and Dogs. Always use the right pack for the animal, and for the size of your animal as well.

I Got it On My Face?

Wash it off!

You always need to be very careful when applying topical solutions. If you get it into contact with your skin then wash it off immediately. Consult a Doctor if you have any concerns whatsoever.

Do People Use it all Year?

Yes, lots of people use it all year long. Intestinal worms as well as heartworms and fleas are often an issue at nearly all times of the year. For total protection then many people apply it every single month of the year. This ensures that you are never putting your pet at any risk,  and is what we do recommend.

Does Advantage Multi Prevent all Stages of Fleas?

Yes, it stops all forms of flea infestation. It kills adult fleas, gets rid of and stops infestations, and it stops flea eggs from developing. This means that it totally protects against the eggs developing and infesting your pet again. It will also deal with serious problems if your pet goes somewhere and comes home covered in these pests.

Cat Licked it?

cat tongueIf your Cat licked it then keep a close eye on it. If you see any signs of an adverse reaction then call the Vets immediately. It is why it is best to keep a hold of your Cat if you can for a while after application, and always ensure you apply in the spot behind the neck to make it very hard for it to be licked off.

When Do I Re-Apply?

You re-apply it once a month all through the year if at all possible.

Is it Harmful to Use With Other Flea Meds?

It is not recommended, or needed. Mixing up flea meds can result in adverse reactions or an overdose of the same active ingredient. It is why it is very important to only use one medication at a time.

As this works so well there is absolutely no need to try another product as well, it would simply be a waste of money for you.

Does it Kill Mites?

It keeps ear mite infections under control and is extremely effective at doing so.

Should I Use Revolution or Advantage Multi?

Revolution for Dogs and Cats is a very popular product indeed. But if you want the added benefit of treating for intestinal worms then Advantage is going to be the option best suited. This is for Dogs, for Cats then intestinal worms are also treated with Revolution so there is not so much of a difference between the two products.

Advantage Multi Causing Diarrhea?

It can be quite common for pets to have an upset tummy after being given a medication. If it carries on happening for more than a day or so though then it would be advised to seek professional help. Although adverse reactions are rare they can happen, and you do not want your pet to get dehydrated. Ensure that plenty of water is kept available at all times and you should find this is very temporary.

Can You Apply Twice in the Same Month?

It is to be used once a month and it should be effective for that period of time. It should not be applied twice in one month as this is quite a lot of medication for your pet.


Thanks for reading. I hope this has helped you to get a better understanding of Advantage Multi for Dogs and Cats.

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