Interceptor Alternative for Dogs

Sentinel For Dogs

Stocks of Interceptor are now running low with most pharmacies, or stock levels are non-existent. So what is the alternative to Interceptor for Dogs? The answer is Sentinel. Before I talk a little more about Sentinel let’s look at why it is so now so hard to buy Interceptor. Why […] Full Article »

Revolution vs Sentinel Spectrum

Hi, it’s Chip the Wonder Dog here with another comparison so you can find out what is best, Revolution or Sentinel Spectrum for Dogs. Both are very popular medications, and both ensure that your pet never gets heartworm disease, but they both offer additional protection too, so let’s get on […] Full Article »

Interceptor Spectrum Q & A: Get The Facts

Interceptor Spectrum no prescription

If you wish to buy Interceptor without prescription then please click the image below. What if a Dose of Interceptor Spectrum is Missed? If you missed a dose then simply give as soon as you remember. It won’t do much harm if you are only a little bit late. But […] Full Article »

Vetoquinol Azodyl for Dogs and Cats

Hi everyone, Tato here with a very important medication. Azodyl for Cats and Dogs is so important for animals with the onset of chronic renal failure, and other associated kidney problems, that I felt I had to step in and take over from Chip. First lets get the deals for […] Full Article »