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Revolution vs Iverhart Max

Revolution For Dogs

If you have been wondering which is better Iverhart Max or Revolution for Dogs then this article should clear things up. Deciding what pet meds are bets is never easy, and with more and more products now on the market it seems to get harder to decide every day. Although […] Full Article »

Iverhart Max vs Advantage Multi

Advantage Multi for Dogs

Today I am going to take a look at Iverhart Max vs Advantage Multi. We will see just what each one treats for, compare prices, and take a look at just how easy they are to medicate with. This is Chip the Wonder Dog here, bringing you all the information […] Full Article »

Iverhart Max vs Heartgard Plus

Iverhart Max no prescription

Hello everyone, it’s Chip the Wonder Dog here to compare Iverhart and Heartgard. Which is better, Heartgard Plus or Iverhart Max? Let’s take a look shall we? Iverhart vs Heartgard Both of these medications are used primarily to prevent heartworm disease, and both are extremely well thought of. We have […] Full Article »

Iverhart Max Without Prescription

Iverhart Max no prescription

IVERHART MAX® The latest addition to the heartworm medicine range we found great prices for is Iverhart Max. You can buy Iverhart Max without prescription thanks to the work of a great supplier. I hate having to go to the Vet (hi, this is Chip the Dog here) and my […] Full Article »

Proheart Heartworm Tablets Without Prescription

proheart heartworm tablets no prescription

Please note that Proheart is no longer available. We now recommend Heartgard chewables instead. Proheart heartworm tablets are fast becoming one of the most popular ways to prevent heartworm disease in Dogs. Previously only known about in Australia this is now one of the most popular options for those in […] Full Article »

Bio Spot vs Frontline Plus Which is Better

I compared Bio Spot vs Advantix and now it is time to compare Bio Spot vs Frontline Plus to determine which one is better. Our flea meds are probably the most purchased medication so it is important to choose wisely. Not only do we need to buy something that works […] Full Article »

Bio Spot vs Advantix Which is Best

So many options, which is best? Today I want to take a look at Bio Spot vs K9 Advantix II to determine which one is better. It is important we always choose the right product, and this means a number of different things need to be taken into consideration: Price […] Full Article »

Program Flavor Tabs for Dogs Program Flea Control

With Program liquid suspension for Cats available, the Dogs get to have a tasty Program flavor tab instead. Yum! Click the buy button to buy cheap Program for Dogs today. I found a great supplier that we use all the time, their prices are simply incredible. Best Price for Program […] Full Article »

Bio Spot Defense for Dogs Flea and Tick Spot On

Hey everyone, Chip here to talk about Bio Spot Defense for Dogs, and also to show you just how cheap this great flea and tick medication is. I have found an amazing supplier that offers cheap Bio Spot for Dogs online, and the price is absolutely crazy. Click the buy […] Full Article »