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Bio Spot Defense Flea and Tick Spot On for Cats

Although everyone has heard of Frontline for Cats there is a new product called Bio Spot Defense for Cats that is a very effective alternative. Much lower in price, but just as effective, it is available from one of our recommended suppliers for a frankly amazing price. Buy Bio Spot […] Full Article »

Cheap Capstar for Cats

Capstar for Cats

Capstar® Aaarrrghhh, I hate fleas! Luckily there is Capstar to stop fleas on Cats in just 30 minutes. Hey everyone, it’s Tato the Kool Kat here with all that you need to know about this amazing medication. But first, the price. We have a great supplier that means you can […] Full Article »

Should Cats Have Flea Meds

Welcome to TatoChip. Hey everyone, it’s Tato here, the best Cat in the world! Today I am going to talk about the very important issue of fleas. They can be a real problem in some areas, and in other places they are not really an issue at all. Especially in […] Full Article »

Buy Revolution For Cats No Prescription

cheap Revolution For Cats

Viva la Revolution!! Hello everyone, Tato the Kool Kat here at the cheap pet meds information site, TatoChip, to get you a low price for Revolution for Cats and to provide you with all the information you need to know. Click buy now to see the cheap Revolution for Cats […] Full Article »

Best Price Advantage II For Cats

Advantage II For Cats

Tato the Kool Kat here with all that you need to know about Advantage II for Cats. Also just known as Advantage for Cats. This flea medication works at lightning speed to eliminate fleas, and is available for an incredibly low price. Click the buy button to see the cheap […] Full Article »

Advantage Multi For Cats no Prescription

Advantage Multi Cats

Hello everyone, Tato here with a great price for Advantage Multi for Cats. I have a very cheap supplier that comes highly recommended for you today, so if you want to buy Advantage Multi for Cats you can click buy now to see the great price they have this for […] Full Article »

Heartgard Chewables For Cats no Prescription

Heartgard Chewables For Cats

Hey everyone, Tato Kool Kat here. And with a great deal too. You can buy Heartgard for Cats for the best price simply by clicking the buy button! Cool eh? I have an amazing supplier that the person I own (Karen) uses to buy my Heartgard chewables for Cats, and […] Full Article »