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All You Need to Know

Here at TatoChip we all think it is very important that the humans know exactly what it is that they are buying.

It is good to know what it does, but also to learn about active ingredients and safety too.

So please read on for lots of details about this great flea and tick medication.

Chip3Product Information

Dogs Bio spot Defense is a very easy to apply topical solution that is becoming very popular indeed. And sales of Bio Spot for Cats have increased dramatically in recent times too.

Not only does it work for a month but it also guards against other pests for up to 4 months.

  • Stops fleas and ticks for up to a month
  • Stops eggs and larvae developing for up to 4 months
  • Also stops mosquitoes for a month too!

A single treatment kills fleas, ticks and mosquitoes for a month and then goes on protecting against eggs and larvae for up to 4 months.

This very effectively breaks the cycle of these common pests and allows us Dogs to have a scratch free life, hooray!

Active Ingredients

Etofenprox, (S)-Methoprene, Piperonyl Butoxide.


Made by Farnam Pet, they have a section for the Dogs option on the Bio Website.

Safety Precautions

bio spot defense dogsAs it often now comes with a very clever new applicator the chances of it coming into contact with your skin is minimal. Wash it off immediately if it does though!

Store it at room temperature and well away from children and animals, and ensure that it never comes into contact with the eyes.

If any adverse effects are noticed after it is applied then contact the vet immediately.

How to Apply Bio Spot

Application could not be simpler.

The new applicator means that you simply load up the capsule and then apply directly to the skin. If it does not come with one then just ensure you keep it angled away from your body. Try to apply in 3 or 4 spots down the ridge of the back, in equal amounts. Make sure it comes into direct contact with the Dogs skin, and ensure it is not all soaked up by the animals fur. This will ensure that just like with Frontline it gets to work as quickly and efficiently as possible.


Is this as effective as Frontline?

Reports do seem to suggest it works just as well. Although normally some Dogs will react better to one medication than another.

Is it safe for young Dogs?

It should not be given to very young animals. 6 months of age is the recommended time to begin using.

Is it safe for breeding females?

Only after a consultation with your vet.

Can I use it if I use other flea meds?

You should only use one form of flea medication at a time, never combining with others.

Can I use the Cats option on Dogs?

No, the packs have different concentrations so only ones intended for the right animals and the right sized animals should be used.

Is it safe with heartworm medicines?

There does not seem to be any reasons why not. But consulting your vet is always advisable.

Can I bathe my Dogs after applying Bio Spot Defense?

It is best to wait a few days, and then only use a very mild form of cleaning. Harsh shampoos may stop it working as well.


Thanks for reading. Cheap Bio Spot is definitely a very worthy addition to the current flea and tick prevention range. If you want to protect your pet on a tight budget then it may be the perfect choice.

Take a look at the prices and see what you think. I believe it is a great product that does work very well indeed.



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