Bio Spot vs Advantix Which is Best

ChipSo many options, which is best? Today I want to take a look at Bio Spot vs K9 Advantix II to determine which one is better. It is important we always choose the right product, and this means a number of different things need to be taken into consideration:

  • Price
  • Availability
  • Protection
  • Effectiveness and
  • Problems protected against

People want different things out of their flea medications, and they all offer different degrees of protection when it comes to certain aspects of flea infestations, and how larvae and eggs are dealt with.

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Bio Spot Defense vs K9 Advantix II

Let’s see just how they compare to each other then. First here is a quick comparison table I just made, what a clever Dogggie I am!

TreatsBio Spot Defense DogsK9 Advantix II Dogs
TreatsBio Spot Defense DogsK9 Advantix II Dogs
Kills adult fleasYesYes
Kills eggs and larvaeYesYes
Stops returning fleasYesYes
Kills and repels mosquitoesYesYes
Kills ticksYesYes
Kills LiceNoYes
Kills Biting FliesNoYes

As we can see Advantix II does treat for a few more things than Bio Spot, and if biting flies and lice are an issue then Advantix state that this is a part of the treatment you get when you use it.


I would suggest that if the main reason you are buying one of the meds is to guard against fleas and ticks then Bio Spot is the best option as it is so much cheaper, quite dramatically so in fact. But if you do want the extra protection against flies and lice then Advantix II should always be chosen.


Both have been proven to be very effective at eliminating both fleas and ticks, and both do a good job of killing and repelling mosquitoes too.

Speed of Action

Advantix gets to work in 3-4 minutes while Bio Spot takes about 15 minutes, so there isn’t really much in it. They both work quickly and will deal with the issue very fast so this should not be the main consideration when buying.

ChipWhich is Best?

As my owner Karen likes to only spend as much as she has too then she recommends Bio Spot. Unless, that is, you need the extra protection. If so then Advantix II is one of the most comprehensive medications of its type. Buy that if you know lice and flies are a problem, if not save some money and buy your furry friend some extra Doggie treats instead!

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