Bio Spot vs Frontline Plus Which is Better

ChipI compared Bio Spot vs Advantix and now it is time to compare Bio Spot vs Frontline Plus to determine which one is better. Our flea meds are probably the most purchased medication so it is important to choose wisely.

Not only do we need to buy something that works well to stop fleas being a problem, but cost also comes into the equation. Along with what else the medication can protect us from.

Let’s see how each one compares to the other.

What’s Best Frontline Plus or Bio Spot Defense for Dogs

After reading this comparison article be sure to take advantage of the research I did on getting the best prices. You can read more info about each product and buy for some very low prices through the following links.

Before we take a look in more detail here is a quick summary in table form that I just made. Yes, I know, I am a very clever Dog indeed!


TreatsBio Spot Defense DogsFrontline Plus Dogs
TreatsBio Spot Defense DogsFrontline Plus Dogs
Kills adult fleasYesYes
Kills eggs and larvaeYesYes
Stops returning fleasYesYes
Kills and repels mosquitoesYesNo
Kills ticksYesYes
Kills liceNoYes
Helps guard against heartwormsYesNo

Price of BioSpot vs Frontline

The fact is that price is very important. Even though we want to protect the animals we live with everyone wants to do so for minimal cost.

I hate fleas, and I hate itching and scratching, but I would hope that my owner would pay whatever is needed to keep me protected. I am sure she would. But what you will find is that currently Bio Spot is much cheaper than Frontline Plus. It will work just as effectively at stopping fleas and ticks so if you know it works as well on your furry friend then it makes sense to buy the cheaper option.


Does Bio Spot work?

It does, for most Dogs. Some animals do better on one medication than another. So only by using both brands will you find out which is the best one to use. If you haven’t used Bio Spot before then it may be worth giving for a few months to see if it works as well, it should do.

Level of Protection

Both brands work for a month to eliminate fleas and ticks and to stop them returning. The one advantage that Bio Spot Defense for Dogs has over Frontline Plus is that it also repels biting mosquitoes. And that is how heartworms are introduced to Dogs. So if you don’t currently use a heartworm medication you can at least cut down the risk of heartworm disease by using something that repels mosquitoes. And Bio Spot does exactly that.

Frontline Plus will guard against biting lice and guard against sarcoptic mange, so if this is an issue then Frontline may be better than the alternative.

Side Effects

There is a very low rate of any adverse reactions with both products.

It can never be ruled out totally, some animals will always have a bad reaction to certain medications. But both products go through very thorough testing and the chance of any bad reactions is very low indeed.

The best advice is to simply use each product and see if there are any bad reactions such as a rash or similar.

What to Buy

If fleas and ticks are the main issue then it is best to buy Bio Spot if you want the cheapest option. And if mosquitoes are an issue then it is certainly the best brand to buy. But if your main concern is fleas, ticks and biting lice then Frontline Plus is going to deliver the protection that you need.

It does come down to what you want to gaurd agaisnt, but most people are mainly concerned with fleas and ticks, and for that reason Bio Spot is going to be the top recommendation as it is cheaper.

Thanks for reading, I hope this helped you to make up your mind.

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