Interceptor Alternative for Dogs

Sentinel For Dogs

Stocks of Interceptor are now running low with most pharmacies, or stock levels are non-existent. So what is the alternative to Interceptor for Dogs? The answer is Sentinel. Before I talk a little more about Sentinel let’s look at why it is so now so hard to buy Interceptor. Why […] Full Article »

Heartworm Medicine Without Prescription

Hi everyone, Chip the Wonder Dog here! I recently published my article on the best heartworm medicine for Dogs, and not surprisingly there are quite a few follow-up questions. Mainly concerning the fact that Karen, the Human I live with, is a firm advocate of being able to buy heartworm […] Full Article »

Do Puppies Need Heartworm Medicine

Hello everyone, your favorite Dog Chip here to answer the question do puppies really need to have a heartworm medicine. I remember back when I was just a little pup and I saw this big pile of poop on the floor and I thought it would be a good idea […] Full Article »

What Is The Best Heartworm Medicine For Dogs

Hello everyone, Chip here! I know that a lot of Humans really struggle to decide on heartworm medicines for their Dogs, it is not easy. Luckily you have me, the Mighty Chip to help you to pick the right one. With a little bit of help from Karen, the owner […] Full Article »