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Aaarrrghhh, I hate fleas!

Luckily there is Capstar to stop fleas on Cats in just 30 minutes.

Hey everyone, it’s Tato the Kool Kat here with all that you need to know about this amazing medication. But first, the price. We have a great supplier that means you can buy Capstar for Cats cheaply, and you really are going to love the price.

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Best Price for Capstar

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But it is also important that owners know exactly what it is that is in the medication they buy, so please read on for all that you need to know about this product.

Capstar Flea Tablets for Cats Information

Capstar for Cats

These flea tablets are just about the fastest working on the market. They begin to work in 30 minutes and kill 90% of fleas in just 4 hours! No more scratching, woo hoo!!!


Brought to us by Novartis, with their information page for Dogs and Cats being here.

Active Ingredients

nitenpyramNitenpyram. With one tablet being given for Cats between 2 and 25 lbs. Each tablet contains 11.4 mg. For their full information on this and a few other products you can view a .pdf guide.

Why Use Capstar

It is used primarily to eliminate fleas quickly. It can be given daily but it is not a long term solution for ensuring fleas are never an issue. A long term medication such as cheap Advantage II for Cats or Frontline or Program Liquid suspension are going to ensure that repeat infestations don’t occur for at least a month, and this is what vets recommend you use after you have treated this medication to eliminate infestations.

How to Dose

Just one tablet should be given in any 24 hour period, and it is best given orally just as it comes in the pack. Follow the dosing guidelines, but in reality this simply means 1 tablet is given to the Cat.

What it Does

It works pretty much immediately on the central nervous system of adult fleas, and eradicates them in just a few hours time. It only lasts for 24 hours though, so it is used to get rid of a sudden infestation, not to stop fleas returning for a a long period of time.

TatoFrequently Asked Questions

As always, when it comes to various pets meds, there are a number of common questions people want answered, here are the most common ones.

Are there side effects?

This is very rare indeed, it is very safe for Cats when used correctly.

How to store?

Keep well away from children and pets, and always store at room temperature.

Is this the best price for Capstar?

As far as I could find this is the cheapest price online.

Is it the best way to get rid of fleas?

In the short term, yes. For long term protection then other options should be considered.

Can I use the Dogs brand on Cats?

No. You should always use the pack meant for the right animals, dosages differ between pack sizes.

Coupon codes for Capstar?

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Well, that is it for today. I hope you have found this informative as well as a great resource to buy Capstar for Cats cheap. Until next time


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