Cheap Heartworm Medicine: Does it Work, What’s Best, and is it Safe

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Chip the wonder Dog here with a great article (even if I do say so myself) all about cheap heartworm medicine. I know from personal experience (and having a frugal owner) that not only are there a lot of cheap meds now on the market, but many of them are just as effective as the more expensive brands.

But people have concerns, after all, Dogs are very precious and we deserve the best possible treatment and care, right?

So I thought it would be a good idea to provide a guide to just what the best prices for heartworm medicines are, take a look at how effective cheap options (often generics) are, and put to rest any concerns about safety too.

The Best Cheap Heartworm Medicines

Here at TatoChip our owner Karen tries here very best to find suppliers for pet owners that offer the best deals, have great customer service, and stock all the best brands. For heartwormers there are now a large number of different options for Dogs, and just a few for Cats. But prices vary wildly, and although not the cheapest it is the Heartagrd without prescription option that is by far the most popular. But this is as it treats for other parasites apart from heartworms, but not all owners need such comprehensive treatment.

By far the best option for those that just want to ensure that heartworm disease is not a problem is probably going to be the medication known as Nuheart. This is one of the most popular brands in Australia but is know gaining in popularity in the US as well.


Because it has the same active ingredient (Ivermectin) as Heartgard for dealing with heartworms. This is known as a generic, basically meaning that the packaging is cheaper but the actual medication treats for (and is the same as) heartworm ust like Heartgard regular does.

The Proheart without prescription option is also gaining in popularity, just as cheap, if not a little cheaper, than Nuheart it is one of the most popular options for those that have Dogs that should not be given Ivermectin. Collies are not recommended to have Ivermectin based meds, so Proheart, with the active ingredient Moxidectin is the perfect option.

For the absolute cheapest way to prevent heartworm infections then those two options come highly recommended.

But, for just a couple of dollars more there is now a generic Heartgard Plus option available. The exact same ingredients as the regular brand, but at a significantly lower price. If you want to treat for intestinal worms as well, with one tasty chew, then this is an option worth considering.


Do These Cheaper Options Actually Work?

They absolutely do. All medicines go through very strict testing phases and are never allowed onto the market unless they are safe.

The suppliers we recommend often ship from various locations to take advantage of lower prices for you, so often they may come in different packaging than we are sued to, but they are all legitimate brands in the US, even if they may be shipped from another country to give lower prices, or or take advantage of different laws concerning the need for prescriptions.

But one thing is absolutely certain, they are legitimate products made under the licenses from the major pharmaceutical companies, and they have all been shown to work just as effectively as brands that you may be more aware of.

So there really is nothing to worry about when buying cheaper medications, as long as you buy from reputable companies that TatoChip recommends.

Safety Considerations

Although all the meds we write about her have great records when it comes to safety the reality is that some animals, just like some people, do not react well to certain medications or combinations of active ingredients.

It is why Collies and other herding breeds, as well as some pregnant females, are not recommended to have meds with Ivermectin present.

All the information can be found on the respective pages here for each medication, so you will know if it is safe for your Dog or not. But the advice of a vet should always be sought before giving medications to animals for the first time.

It should also be noted that if you do notice any adverse reactions, such as vomiting or diarrhea, then your vet should be consulted as soon as possible.

And remember, some Dogs can be a little naughty, so always store heartworm medications well away from them, and out of the reach of children too. Some of them taste lovely and I would happily eat the lot, rather than just one tablet a month!

Also note that most of the meds we talk about here are heartworm meds no prescription needed, so you must be absolutely sure that your pet is heartworm disease free before beginning to give them monthly protection. Our best suppliers ship from jurisdictions that require no RX, and we pick these as it means owners get to pay less for the tablets than they would otherwise have to. Pick the best heartworm medicine for your Dog, or Cat, and rest assured that each and every one of them is relatively safe and would never even be for sale if it was otherwise.

Absolutely none of them are counterfeit products, they are all legitimate brands made by very large pharmaceutical companies.

I hope that this has helped in your search for affordable heartworm medicine and you find the option best for your lovely pooch!


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  1. geraldine mosca says:

    I just adopted a dog who was in a foster home I have her medical records which indicates that the next vet visit should be 10/1/16. The foster mom didn’t give me any mediction for
    the months from May to October…It will cost at least $200 to go the vet now and get a prescription. Why should I have to go to vet now when it’s not necessary until October.

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