Comfortis vs Frontline Plus For Dogs

Picking the right flea medication for Dogs is very important. We need to buy something that keeps us poor Dogs flea free, and something that is affordable and also easy to use. So, today I am going to compare Comfortis vs Frontline Plus for Dogs.

My name is Chip and I help to run this site with Tato the Cat and the Woman we live with, Karen. She set up this site to inform people of what the best pets meds are, and also to tell them where they can buy for discount prices online.

After you have read my comparison you can buy via the articles I wrote on each product. And the cool thing is that you have to click on my nose in the articles to discover the amazingly low prices.

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I found a great supplier for Comfortis without prescription, and a price so low for Frontline Plus you will be amazed at how much you can save. But first let’s take a look at these two medications.

When I do my comparisons I like to make a simple table so that you can make your comparisons at a glance, and then I go over them in more detail.

Quickly compare the two flea meds for Dogs below.

Comfortis vs Frontline Plus Comparison


Frontline PlusComfortis
Frontline PlusComfortis
Protects against fleas for a monthYesYes
Kills fleasYes Yes
Stops fleas laying eggsYesYes
Kills ticksYesNo
Kills liceYesNo
Stops repeat flea infestationsYesYes


As we can see, there is a difference in what each medication will treat for. Frontline Plus is by far the more comprehensive medication in terms of protection, but this is only relevant if ticks and biting lice are an issue.


I have had lots of fleas, and Karen has tried lots of different flea medications for me. Frontline Plus works very well and keeps me flea free for a month. But the one thing I don’t like is having cold liquids put on me. Plus they often leave a mark on us short haired Doggies.

And this is why I love Comfortis.

Mmmm, tasty treats!

The great thing about Comfortis is that medication time is a joy. I get to have a nice beef flavored treat that also gets rid of the fleas I may have picked up somewhere. If it was down to me to decide then I would always go for Comfortis, just as I know that it is easy for people to medicate with, and I love the taste.

But I also know that price is important. Meds can be expensive so people want to buy something cheap but effective.

Which Is Cheaper Frontline Plus Or Comfortis

Frontline Plus is cheaper than Comfortis so this should be considered as well.

Which One Should We Pick?

There are a number of other considerations. The main one is that Comfortis is made from Spinosad which is environmentally friendly. Plus it is one active ingredient only, so we are cutting down on the medications used. This is important for many people.

There is also the issue of how long they work for and what works the quickest.

Both are going to offer protection for a month at least, which is great news. But you will find that Comfortis is going to get to work much quicker than Frontline Plus. Within 30 minutes Comfortis starts killing fleas and works to eradicate them in just 4 hours. Frontline takes much longer although the end result is the same.


It is really going to come down to if you need the extra protection against lice and ticks. If not then I would say that Comfortis is better,  just as it is so much easier to medicate with. Us Dogs get a nice treat, and people get a lovely Dog free of fleas in just a few hours.

I hope that you have found this helpful and can now make a better decision about what is best, Comfortis or Frontline Plus for Dogs.

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