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This site is here to ensure people never pay more than they have to for pets meds, but also so that they can be informed, thus ensuring they never buy the incorrect product. Too few pet meds sites offer us genuine information and advice, but that is why this site was set up.

Cosequin Best Price

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If You Buy Cosequin For Dogs

Before you do buy Cosequin for Dogs it is best to ensure that you know the difference between the various options. Not only is it available in different forms, chewables or capsules, but it also comes in different strengths as well.

Please read on so you can make an informed decision, you can always follow my nose for the discount prices after you have read this article.

Cosequin For Dogs Information

Cosequin For Dogs

With all pet meds it is absolutely imperative that we are sure we actually know what us Dogs are being given. So here is the important information about Cosequin. You will then also find answers to all of the most frequently asked questions as well.

What Is Cosequin

Let’s start off with exactly what Cosequin is.

The good news is that this is a totally natural joint supplement. It does not need a prescription, and it can be bought relatively cheaply too. It is used in a number of ways. Firstly at normal strength it used mainly to give joint care and protection for Dogs. It helps to protect against hip and joint issues and can aid greatly in preventing arthritis in Dogs too.

The stronger Cosequin DS is also used in the above manner, but in addition Dogs have found it much more effective in giving better joint mobility, and freeing them from pain associated with existing arthritis problems, or pain in the joints. It can allow us to move a lot more freely, and to also be a lot more flexible.

Cosequin Capsules (Sprinkles) For Dogs

Cosequin sprinkles, also known as Cosequin capsules, are one of the options available.  Although the chewable options are much more popular. People like to give us Doggies a treat (we deserve it) so a nice chewable treat is what we prefer. But here are the ingredients in the capsules

Cosequin Sprinkles Active ingredients

Cosequin DS Sprinkles

Active Ingredients

The active ingredients are basically the same, it is just that they are present at higher dosages to offer much greater protection, and are more effective at dealing with existing complaints.

Cosequin DS Chewables/Soft Chews

Active Ingredients

They are a little different for the chewable treats, just to make sure us Dogs love them! Yum!!! But the main active ingredients, linked to above remain the same. Cosequin double strenght for Dogs is now a very popualr option.

  • Glucosamine hydrochloride (derived from shellfish)
  • Sodium chondroitin sulfate (derived from bovine cartilage)
  • Microcrystalline cellulose
  • Artificial roast beef flavor
  • Manganese ascorbate
  • Natural and artificial cheese flavor
  • Mixed glycosaminoglycans
  • Dried brewers yeast
  • Magnesium stearate
  • Garlic flavor.

Cosequin DS With MSM

We also have Cosequin DS with MSM options. Both regular and soft chews too. Active ingredients are similarr to above but with the addition of  methylsulfonylmethane (MSM).

Which Cosequin Is Best For Dogs

The DS chewable Cosequin is going to give the greatest protection, and also offer the best results in terms of treating for existing issues. But if all you want is to give a maintenance dose to a younger Dog, that does not have any joint, or other associates issues yet, then the regular Cosequin is going to be perfectly suitable.

But let’s look at how exactly this all works.

How Does Cosequin For Dogs Work?

I won’t get technical about this, I am a Dog after all!

But it is very important that people know what they are buying, and if it is actually going to help the Dogs they love so much.

I mentioned that Cosequin can be used as a maintenance supplement for healthy Dogs, to keep their joints in great condition. But more people buy it to try to alleviate existing conditions.

What it does is to try to reduce inflammation around the joints and cartilage, this reduces pain, and increases mobility. It can also help to actually repair damaged cartilage. It also acts as a cushion around the joints. Helping to restore the fluids that can disappear around the joints, thus giving increased arthritis problems and leading to a wearing down of the cartilage.

If we find it works on a Dog a nd they are moving more freely, then the chances are that they are seeing an increase in the cartilage production and a cessation of cartilage breakdown. Nutramax have more information here.


Where to buy Cosequin?

Follow my nose at the top of the page to buy Cosequin cheap from my recommended supplier. You can, of course, also buy from the local Vets, and from other online stores too.

Does Cosequin work?

It really does totally depend. I know that is not what people want to hear, but it is the truth. Some animals react to it amazingly well, and it can give them a whole new lease on life very quickly. For others it simply never really offers much help when it comes to helping with arthritis and joint issues. The only thing to do is to give a course and see how well the Dog reacts.

Side effects?

They are very rare but if there are any then it is best to consult with a Vet as soon as possible.

How long does it take to work?

It can vary for different Dogs. Some react within a few days, whilst others need the full loading phase of many weeks (4-6) before any positive signs of improvement are seen. This is why it is important that the full course is given before we say it is not effective.

Loading phase for Cosequin for Dogs?

Normally 4-6 weeks and then it is reduced to a maintenance level, which is usually half of the loading phase quantity.

Cosequin coupon codes?

Now and then we get to hear of coupon codes from suppliers for the meds we talk about here. If you would like to stay informed then please sign up for the newsletter.

Can you use Cosequin for Dogs for Cats?

You should always buy the right product for the right animals. Concentrations of active ingredients can be different, and this could give serious side effects. So always buy the right product for the correct animal.


If I was to recommend one product then it would be the Cosequin DS soft chews option. It gives extra protection and is also a tasty treat. As they are given daily it makes sense for it to be as simple as possible to use this supplement. So why not combine it with treat time?

I hope this was of help.



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