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Kidney disease is a serious issue for many Dogs, and I am sorry that you have to be here really. But, and this will help, you can at least buy Epakitin for Dogs cheaply thanks to one of my favorite suppliers.

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Chronic Renal failure, or kidney disease, is not something that we want to happen, and doing all that we can to halt it, and improve animals lives is paramount.

Luckily we have Epakitin, a natural supplement that has delivered some surprising results in many animals. It’s the number one kidney disease supplement for Dogs, along with Vetoquinol, which Tato wrote about here.

Read on to learn all that you need to know about this important OTC medication.

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Product Information

Kidneys are always cleaning the blood, and any impairment can have severe consequences. Common signs of the onset of renal damage and failure can be anything from excess drinking and urination, and even a simple loss of energy or a reduction in appetite.

If symptoms are noted and kidney issues are diagnosed then this is a very good natural supplement option to aid in kidney function. This is not a prescription medication, rather just a very effective natural supplement that is now highly recommended by many vets.


Vetoquinol are behind this product, the third largest pet meds producer in the world. See here for their page dedicated to this kidney health product.

Active Ingredients

ChitosanThere are a number of active ingredients: Lactose, Calcium Carbonate, Chitosan. The latter being a natural polysaccharide derived from crab and shellfish shells. In fact it jhas been used to also treat for Chron’s disease, weightloss and many other things too. Read about how it can help animals at Vet Street.

How it Works

It actually performs a number of functions, all intended to slow down the advancement of CRF (Chronic Renal Failure).

  • Reduces the levels of phosphorous absorbed by the kidneys
  • Aids with normal kidney function
  • Slows down the advancement of the disease
  • Helps restore energy levels

Epakitin® works by helping to support the normal function and health of the kidneys.

Dosing Guideline

Be sure to always give the appropriate dose, and this is one scoop for each 11 lbs of bodyweight, twice daily. Or 1 gm per 11lbs of bodyweight.

It is currently available in:

  1. 50 gm
  2. 180 gm
  3. 300 gm

and prices will always be more favorable the larger a size you purchase.

Administer by sprinkling with food twice daily at the recommended dosage, always ensuring that plenty of water is nearby.



cheap epakitin for dogsThere are a number of common questions surrounding this product so I will do my best to answer them below.

Does Epakitin really work?

Yes, for a lot of animals it really can make a large difference to how well their kidneys perform.

Is it safe?

Side effects are very rare, but if they are noted then a vet should be consulted.

Do I need to give special food?

Not always. But often a special diet will be recommended by your vet to help with kidney function along with this.

Does TatoChip sell this?

No, we are here to provide you with information, and to help owners buy pet meds without paying more than they need to. Follow my nose at the top of the page to buy with a great discount.

Coupon codes for Epakitin?

Sometimes we are given special codes from suppliers. Sign up for the newsletter and we will let you now when we get any pet med discount coupon codes.

How long can this be used for?

It may be used indefinitely.

Can I mix with water?

You can give orally just with water as long as all the medication is taken. Often people find mixing with food easier.

How to store?

At room temperature well away from children and animals. Always taking all safety precautions is important.


I hope that this has helped. This is an important supplement that has been proven to work for many Dogs and Cats. Be sure to use well within the best before date, and always do your best to follow the dosing guidelines. Try not to miss medication times, and thanks for reading.


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