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Hello everyone, Tato the Kool Kat here to give you all the information you need about the amazing discount Frontline Plus for Cats.

I have found a great price, that cannot be beaten, click the buy button to see it. And I am also going to give you all the answers to common questions, so that you can be sure that you are picking the right medication.

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The Woman I live with, Karen, set this site up as she was fed up with paying too much for pets meds. She found great prices online and wants to share them, so people can afford to keep the animals they live with safe.

Here we all hunt out the best prices from suppliers we trust, so we can tell you where to buy things like cheap Frontline Plus for Cats, at prices that are actually more than affordable.

Discount Frontline Plus For Cats

The Vets are expensive and many Online stores are too. This is why we tell you who has the best price, everyone wants to be able to buy for a discount.

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Frontline Flea And Tick Treatment For Cats Information

cheap Frontline Plus For Cats


Before we use medications on animals it is a good idea to really understand just what is in them, how they work, and just how safe they really are.

Being such a clever Cat this is exactly what I am now going to do. Give you all the information that you need, so you can be sure that you are buying the right medication to keep the lovely Cat in your life safe. Don’t forget that Chip the stinky Dog also did a post telling you where to buy discount Frontline for Dogs, if you do have to suffer living with one of those evil creatures! And I also wrote about the Capstar for Cats option, which is great for rapid short term treatment of fleas. And now there is also Bio Spot defense for Cats too.

How To Apply Frontline To Cats

Simply part the fur on the back of the Cat beneath the collar line. Then break the pipette’s seal and apply the solution to the skin. If it beings to be soaked in by the fur then repeat the process on another spot. Try to apply somehwere where it cannot be licked off, if you live with a naughty Cat!


This is brought to you by Merial.

Active Ingredients

There are 2 active ingredients, fipronil and (S)-methoprene. You can read more about these ingredients at the Frontline site here.

How Do The Active Ingredients  Work?

Fipronil kills the adult fleas on animals, and very quickly too. (S)-methoprene kills eggs and stops the developing. It also stops fertile flea eggs developing.

What Will It Actually Do?

It will protect against the following:

  • Fleas at all stages, adults, eggs, and larvae
  • Ticks
  • Biting lice
  • Mange
  • Helps prevent skin conditions caused by bites from fleas and ticks

If you want to protect Cats from these common problems then this is one of the best medications that is available. Not only is it one of the cheapest but it is one of the most effective. Many other medications of this type simply do not seem to carry on working after they have been used a few times, Frontline is different. Most animals get the same great results time after time.


Here are the answers to more common questions that a lot of people have. It is worth knowing just so you are sure that you use it in the best possible way.

Are there side effects?

On rare occasions, but it is not the norm. Most Cats get no adverse reaction. If anything does happen then consult with a Vet.

How to store?

At room temperature and always well away from animals and children.

Can you use Frontline Plus for Cats on Dogs?

Not recommended. The dosages may be different and each pack size is for a specific weight of animal, so buy the right product for the right animal.

Can you use on Kittens?

Yes, over 8 weeks of age. And it has been tested and is safe for breeding and pregnant females as well.

Is it waterproof?

It is, after 24 hours. So keep the Cat dry until then. This should not be a problem, we hate getting wet anyway!

Do you have the best price Frontline Plus for Cats?

We don’t personally. We do not sell pet meds here at TatoChip. But we hunt down the best suppliers and tell you where to buy for discount prices. This is why this site was set up, to allow all people to be able to really and truly afford to keep animals protected.

How long does it last?

It should protect against fleas for 2 months at a time and a month for ticks. This can be a little different during the height of the season, just see how long it is effective for and then re-apply. But you should never need to use it more than once a month.

How quickly will this actually work?

Within 24 hours fleas should be a thing of the past. And within 2 days ticks will have been eliminated too.

Is it safe to buy Frontline Plus for Cats online?

There are some horror stories about people buying counterfeit goods online. This is why we recommend sites that we have used or have impeccable reviews. As long as you use a reputable supplier you are sure to get a guaranteed official product. I would never recommend a supplier that sold anything but the genuine article.

Frontline Plus for Cats Coupons?

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Frontline For Cats Video

Here is a quick recap of just how effective this is for Cats.

That’s All Folks!

Thanks for reading everyone. I hope that this has been informative, and that you like the low price I found. If you buy Frontline Plus for Cats online via the recommendation you can get a great discount, and protect the one most important in your life. i.e The Cat! We rule!!!



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