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Discount Frontline Flea And Tick Treatment

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But before we buy and use medications for the animals we love we should know what they do, what ingredients they contain, and find out just how safe they are too.

Luckily I am here to provide all the information that you need to know. I am a very clever Chip the Wonder Dog indeed!

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Frontline Plus For Dogs Information


discount Frontline Plus For DogsWe should know what we are using, and know that it is safe, and also if it is the best medication to use. So I will answer questions below, but first I want to provide you with some information so you can continue your research if you wish to.


Want to know who makes Frontline for Dogs? It is the wonderful people at Merial, they have a Frontline website here.

Active Ingredients In Frontline Plus

There are 2 active ingredients, fipronil and (S)-methoprene. Read about how they both work together here. Be warned, it is technical!

What Does Frontline Plus Do?

It will protect against the following:

  • Stops fleas of all ages developing. Including adults, eggs and larvae
  • Kills fleas at all stages. Including adults, eggs and larvae
  • Effective on many common ticks
  • Stops chewing lice
  • Helps to control the problem of sarcoptic mage
  • Stops infestations of fleas and ticks from recurring
  • Helps prevent skin conditions caused by flea and ticks

This is a very comprehensive medication that really is going to allow you to keep the Dog in your life free of all these common conditions. And unlike many other brands, it keeps on working application after application.

Applying Frontline Plus For Dogs

It is very simple to apply but there are a few things to bear in mind. The main one is that apart from for very small or young Dogs it is best applied in a few places along the ridge of their back. It will get to work quicker, be more effective, and protect the whole Dog with ease. Remember, it is not to be soaked up by the fur, it is to be applied to the skin. So if it begins to saturate the are, move onto another spot.

  1. Part the fur just below the collar line
  2. Break the seal on the pipette
  3. Apply some of the solution direct to the skin
  4. Repeat the process until the final application is completed just above the base of the tail

How Does Frontline Plus Work?

This is a great medication, but I bet you don’t actually know how it works, right?

Well, I have engaged my Doggie brain and here is how it happens!

Sebaceous-GlandFrontline is a non-systematic product. This means that it does not flow through the bloodstream, instead it is present in the hair and skin and kills when pests come into contact with the animal.

Once you apply it is stored in the sebaceous glands of the skin. It is then released gradually over the course of a few months to protect the Dog.

It is released to the surface of the skin and also through the hair follicles too. Making it a very strong level of protection for the poor Dog.


Frequently Asked Questions

Are there side effects with Frontline Plus for Dogs?

It is very rare, and if it does happen it is usually just a localized redness. But if there are any adverse effects then contact a Vet.

Do you have the best price Frontline Plus?

I think the supplier I recommend does, but we don’t sell it here at TatoChip. We just give you the information you need, and tell you who we have faith in when it comes to buying cheaply.

How to store?

At room temperature and away from animals and children. It must never be ingested, if it is then consult a medical professional immediately.

Is it waterproof?

It is waterproof, but it is best to wait at least 24 hours before you bathe an animal that has been medicated with it.

Can you use Frontline on puppies?

It is safe to use on puppies over 8 weeks of age.

Can you use Frontline Plus for Dogs on Cats?

No. You should use the right pack size for the right animal. It would be too easy to overdose or not use enough solution if you mix the packs for different animals.

How long does it work for?

To some degree this does depend on the animal. Although for most Dogs it will stop ticks for a month and fleas for up to 3 months. During the worst part of the year when there are an awful lot of fleas and ticks present then it may not stay as effective for quite so long. But for flea prevention it should never need to be applied more than once every two months.

How often to apply frontline Plus?

It is best applied simply when you see that fleas and ticks are beginning to be a problem again. Or at least once every 2 months. It should never be applied more than once a month though, under any circumstances.

How fast does Frontline flea and tick treatment work?

It has shown to kill 100% of fleas in 24 hours and 100% of ticks in 48 hours.

I applied but I can still see fleas?

Don’t panic! It is working. It is just that as the fleas die they will come to the surface of your pets fur. So it will look like there are more fleas than you could see previously. It is doing its job.

Will my pet still get fleas if I apply Frontline Plus?

Yes, but they will be killed. It kills any fleas that come into contact with the Dog. But you won’t get any infestations as they will not be breeding and growing in number so it will be totally minimal.

Frontline Plus for Dogs coupons?

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Frontline Plus For Dogs Video

Here is a great video I made for cheap Frontline Plus for Dogs.

 The Wrap Up

I hope this has been of help to anyone looking to buy discount Frontline Plus for Dogs. The low price makes this the number one flea and tick prevention medication, and the effectiveness of this product cannot be denied. Tato also wrote about cheap Frontline Plus for Cats as well, so be sure to take a look.

It is not us Dogs fault that we get these pests, we can’t help it, but we hate all the itching and scratching so please keep us safe.

Applied once every few months is all that is needed to keep us safe and protected from these very common pets. This is the most popular flea and tick medication currently available, no prescription is needed, this is an OTC product without RX. I think that you will be more than happy with the low price supplier I found, they have the best possible prices online.



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