Generic Heartgard Plus Chewables For Dogs no Prescription


Dogs are lucky, they get to have a generic Heartgard Plus chewables options so they can save money to buy Doggie treats! Well, that is my wish anyway!

Hey everyone, Chip here again to bring you another great deal for pets meds. I have already written about Heartgard for Dogs and Heartgard Plus chewables, now is the time for a real money saver.

Use the buy now button for the cheap generic Heartgard price, no prescription needed from you either.

Which is great, no Dog likes going to the Vets! I don’t anyway!!!

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Generic Heartgard No Prescription

I picked a supplier that has amazingly low prices and also offers generic Heartgard without a prescription needed from you. It makes ordering easy and also means that you don’t have to pay the high prices at the Vets for the branded option too. Lucky, aren’t you? Hee hee.

Best Price

I have a very trusted supplier that has by far some of the best possible prices. And the discount generic Heartgard is going to allow all people to afford to protect their beloved Pooch, the cost is totally minimal.

Generic Heartgard For Dogs

generic Heartgard no prescription

The image is of the brand name, but the generic Heartgard option is going to work in just the same way. And I will answer all of your questions about this option below. But first let’s take a look at some important information that all owners should be aware of. Dogs are special (well, I KNOW I am!) so we need to know what medications we are using and what they contain.


Rather than use a simple pill, a chewable option is simple to give. I have heard that some Dogs are trouble when it comes to giving a pill, they refuse to take them. Actually, if I am honest, I am the same, I hate trying to be fooled into taking a pill. But the chewable option is different.

They taste lovely

So, all Dogs should take the chewable generic Heartgard Plus straight away, no problem.

Generic Heartgard Plus Chewable Information

I will now give you all that you need to know about this product. I am a very clever Dog!

All Dogs should have a monthly heartworm medicine, it is dangerous not to keep them protected. The problem is that some people find it hard to find the money easily. And this is where a generic comes in. Before we look at how this option works it is worth clearing up one thing first.

All generic medications that are for sale MUST perform the same as the branded option. So, for our generic Heartgard Plus chewable option it means it contains the same active ingredients, is purchased with the same ratios of meds as the brand option, and provides the same protection and works just as effectively. So there is nothing to worry about as long as you buy from a trusted source.

What Will Generic Heartgard Plus Protect Dogs From?

Good question.

This cheap generic Heartgard plus with no RX needed is going to protect against heartworm disease primarily. Use it every month and your pet is safe. But it does more than that. It also protects against:

  • Roundworms
  • Hookworms

So it is a very comprehensive medication indeed.


Generic brand

Active Ingredients In Generic Heartgard Plus

Just like the branded option it contain Ivermectin, which is an anti-parasitic medication for heartworm disease control, and Pyrantel Pamoate, an anthelminthic which controls roundworms and hookworms.

How To Give To Dogs

It must be given in the stated dosage on the pack. Meaning one chewable monthly all year. If you have a Dog that is a bit of a greedy boy like me, and likes to swallow food whole then it should be broken into pieces. It should not be swallowed whole. You will find that because of the tasty flavor all Dogs will be more than happy to eat the whole thing, no problem.

Questions About The Generic Heartgard Plus Option Answered

There are a number of common questions people have about the generic option, so I will try my best to answer them all below. Before I answer all the common questions here is a table illustrating the difference between the generic and the brand option. As we can see, apart from me being a very clever Dog, the only difference is the price. So there is no need to be concerned when buying a generic medication.

Generic Heartgard Plus vs Merial Heartgard Plus


Generic Heartgard PlusMerial Heartgard Plus
Generic Heartgard PlusMerial Heartgard Plus
Heartworm diseasePreventsPrevents
No PrescriptionYes, available with no RXYes, available with no RX
Safe for puppies and breeding femalesSafe for puppies over 6 weeks, and breeding femalesSafe for puppies over 6 weeks, and breeding females
Cheapest optionYesNo


The only difference is the price that people are going to pay.


Will this stop my Dog getting heartworms?

No medication stops a Dog getting heartworms.

How do Dogs get heartworms then?

If they are bitten by an infected mosquito then they may develop heartworms. But when first introduced they are minuscule and can do no harm. It takes a number of months for them to develop and gradually reach the heart. And it is at this time that the scary stuff happens!

So, all we need to do is to have a heartworm medicine every month, and then they can cause Dogs no harm at all.

How often to use this medicine?

Once a month all through the year, without missing any treatments.

Is generic Heartgard as good?

Yes, it does the exact same thing. Didn’t you see my chart!!!

If I do miss a treatment?

As long as it has not been more than  a month then it is safe to just give as soon as you realize. If it has been much longer then you should consult with your Vet.

Are there side effects to Heartgard Plus and the generic?

Not normally, no. Although Collies and other similar breeds may have adverse reactions as many do not cope well with Ivermectin. If there are any adverse reactions then consult your Vet.

Can you use this with anything else?

It is best to check before you use this with other forms of medications. But the only thing you absolutely should never do is to use one heartworm medicine with another one. It should be one medication only, and only once a month.

Shipping and Price Questions

Do you have coupon codes for generic Heartgard?

Sometimes we get told about coupon codes for pets meds. If you sign up to our cool newsletter then we can email you when we hear about pets meds sales or coupon codes.

Does TatoChip supply the medication?

No. I, and Tato, are here to tell you where to buy pets meds for low prices, and in the easiest possible way. But also to clear up misconceptions about the various pets meds people buy.We do not stock them or ship them. You will be ordering from the suppliers we recommend.

How is there a generic Heartgard Plus with no RX needed?

It is because we like to use suppliers that offer the best deals and the most convenient way of ordering.

Price Comparisons

As you can see from my clever table I made with my own Doggie paws, the price for generic Heartgard Plus is cheaper than the brand option. And I think I found the best deal. But please research as well, you may find it even cheaper, but I have yet to find a better deal.

Generic Heartgard Plus Video

Here is a little video I made about generic Heartgard.

My Final Thoughts

Hopefully all of this has been of some help. I know that many people, especially those that may live with more than one animal, struggle at times to afford pets meds. This option is perfect for you. It works the same, is given in the same way, and gives the same great protection. You just buy it more cheaply and get different packaging as it is a generic.

Buy generic Heartgard Plus without prescription and keep the best animal in the world safe. That means Dogs!




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  1. Alanah says:

    When you say this: “But the only thing you absolutely should never do is to use one heartworm medicine with another one. It should be one medication only, and only once a month.” Is it OK to switch “Brands”??? If so, as long as you just administer only once a month, right???

    • admin says:

      Alanah, exactly. There is nothing wrong with changing brands as long as you only give once a month.

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