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Hello everyone. Chip here, and today it is the turn of Heartgard for Dogs. I have already given you all the details and some great prices for Heartgard Plus chewables for Dogs, but many people who live with Dogs don’t need the extra protection against roundworms and hookworms, so they can save money by buying the regular, and very cheap, Heartgard for Dogs chewable option.

Click the buy button to see the recommended supplier. They have a great price, and will also ship Heartgard no prescription too!

Great news, as I hate going to the Vets!

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Heartgard No RX

No prescription Heartgard for Dogs means people can order this popular medication to stop heartworm disease easily Online. You just place an order using a credit card (however people do that?), and then it comes in the mail quickly.


Discount Price

Karen, who I live with, loves to find low prices for all our meds, and the price for Heartgard is very low. I have a great supplier that I know you will love, and no RX needed.

Heartgard Regular Chewable For Dogs

Heartgard for Dogs no prescription

Unless you need intestinal worm treatment, I do, I am a naughty boy, then the regular option is going to save you money. And just recently all the Heartgard options were made into tasty chewables.



It means that people don’t have to try to make us Dogs eat things we don’t like. No-one I know likes being made to swallow pills. I hate it. And so do most Dogs. My owner, Karen, even tried to hide a pill in my Dog food once. I showed her though. I ate some of it then left the rest on the Kitchen floor!

She was not happy.

It is very important that we get the right dose of heartworm medicine every month, I didn’t know though, so the chewable form makes total sense.

Lovely Taste

Heartgard regular chewables taste of lovely Beef. All Dogs love them. We eat them straight from the hand, and are always good and eat it all.

Heartgard Chewable For Dogs Information

All Dogs and Cats should be given a monthly heartworm medicine. It is now more important than ever. We want to be kept safe from heartworm disease and this is the only way to guarantee our safety. I want to give you all the information that you need, so that you know exactly what you are giving us, and just how it works.

It means that you don’t have to worry, and know that you are giving us the right medication for our needs.

What Will Heartgard Protect Against?

Heartgard for Dogs will ensure that we do not get heartworm disease. It protects us and kills off the problem before it can develop and effect our health.

Active Ingredients

It contains Ivermectin. This is known as an anti-parasitic and will protect against heartworm disease if given monthly.


It is made by the very well known company Merial.

How To Give Dogs Heartgard Chewables

This is basically a lovely treat for us Dogs. But we do need to be kept an eye on. We should eat the whole chewable with no problems, but just ensure that we don’t get distracted! I like to Wolf my food and don’t chew much, it takes too long! So if the Dog you are medicating is like me then break it up into pieces. It should not be swallowed whole. Give it in pieces instead if the Dog won’t chew the whole thing.


Heartgard For Dogs
Heartgard For Dogs
Protects againstHeartworm disease
Medication typeSoft and lovely beef flavored treat
OTCYes, no prescription is needed for Heartgard for Dogs
UsedEvery month of the year for total protection


What You Should Know: Frequently Asked Questions

ChipThere are few things that all owners should be aware of, so they can make the right decision. Here are some of the most important questions that people often ask me, I am a very wise Dog indeed!

Does Heartgard stop animals getting heartworms?

No medication can stop animals getting bitten by infected mosquitoes, and this is how it is given to pets. But cheap Heartgard kills of the parasites before it can cause any damage. It takes months after an infection for there to be any negative side effects.

Should I give Heartgard for Dogs every month?

Absolutely! I want to stay safe so I have it every month. And all other Dogs should too. It means people never have to worry about our health, and we stay safe.

Is Heartgard safe?

For nearly all animals it is. Side effects are very rare, as long as the right dosage is given. But owners of Collies and other herding Dogs (what is that all about!) should consult with a Vet, there are lots of alternatives that may be safe as they do not use Ivermectin as the active ingredient.

What if I forget to give the medication?

Don’t worry. If it has only been a month then just give it as soon as you remember. If it has been longer then talk to your Vet.

Is it safe to use with other medications?

Your Vet is the best person to advise you of this. But it should never be given in conjunction with any other heartworm medicine. Never, under any circumstance should you do this.

How to give Heartgard chewables?

Simply give by hand and we will eat it! It tastes of BEEF!!! But break it up into pieces if you think we may not chew it.

What age should the Dog be?

Don’t give to Dogs under 6 weeks of age, they don’t need it.

Do you actually sell this?

No. I prowl the Web like a good boy looking for the best prices and the best suppliers. And when you click buy you can read about the supplier and see the prices. You will be buying from my recommended supplier, not from us.

How is Heartgard no prescription available?

It is because I hate going to the Vets. And Karen my owner hates paying lots of money. So I get my meds from suppliers that make life easy.


More Common Questions

Can you split Heartgard?

It is best not to. Buy the pack size that is right for the size of your Dog. Then there is no need to split the chewables.

Cheapest place to buy Heartgard?

I think it is my recommended supplier. Compare them to anyone else and I think you wil be happy.

Heartgard coupon codes?

Now and then I hear of Heartgard for Dogs coupon codes from some suppliers. If you want to be kept informed of any savings to be made for pets meds then please sign up for the newsletter.

How to store?

Safely, should be the main priority. These are tempting to children and naughty Dogs alike, so keep them well hidden and out of reach. Store at between 68°F-77°F (20°C-25°). If there is an overdose then contact the Vets immediately.

Heartgard For Dogs Video

I am a very clever Dog, I even made a video about Heartgard chewables!

Using Heartgard To Treat Heartworms

It should be noted that people need to make sure their Dog is heartworm disease free before beginning a course. This involves a simple test at the Vets office.

Once this comes back clear then it can be bought cheaply Online. But Dogs must be given the all clear first. Then it should be given every month, just as the American Heartworm Society recommends. Give every month all year and we can then be sure that no heartworm disease will ever get us into health problems.

Remember, it lasts for a month, so it should be given on the same date each and ever month for maximum protection.

I do hope this resource has been of help. Don’t forget to look at the Plus option if you also want to protect against roundworms and hookworms.




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