Heartgard vs Advantage Multi For Dogs And Cats

Hello! Chip here with another comparison for heartworm medicines.

With so many different heartworm medicines to choose from, people need to know what the best options are. Today I am going to take a look at Heartgard vs Advantage Multi when it comes to protecting animals.

There are a few options for Heartgard, but as the Plus chewable option is now the most popular for Dogs, this is what we will be looking at. And the regular chewable for Cats.

Don’t forget that me and Tato wrote about each medication in depth, and also linked to great suppliers that sell them both cheaply, and with no prescription. If you want to buy then please use these links.



OK, so let’s see just how Heartgard Plus compares to Advantage Multi.

We will look at how each medication works for Dogs and Cats. For Cats there is no Plus Heartgard option, just regular chewables. But I am going to compare the options for Dogs first, I am a Dog after all. And we are better than Cats!

Heartgard Plus vs Advantage Multi For Dogs

First and foremost both options are going to protect against heartworm disease and common intestinal worms. But let’s take a closer look, and it is going to be best done via a simple table. It is something that is then easy to refer to.


TreatsHeartgard Plus For DogsAdvantage Multi For Dogs
TreatsHeartgard Plus For DogsAdvantage Multi For Dogs
Heartworm InfectionYesYes
Ear mitesNoYes
AdministeredTasty chewable treatApplied externally to the skin


As we can see, Advantage Multi is more comprehensive as it treats for more intestinal worms, and for fleas at both the adult and egg stage. It gives more protection if these issues are a concern.

It really is down to what people feel the Dog needs to be treated for. But also how they like to administer. I love Heartgard chewables as they are so tasty, but if I was naughty, and kept getting fleas, then I would rather be given Advantage Multi so I didn’t have to always be scratching.

Heartgard vs Advantage Multi For Cats

I suppose I should compare Heartgard for Cats with Advantage Multi for Cats too. Although really it should be Tato that does it. She is the Cat after all.


TreatsHeartgard For CatsAdvantage Multi For Cats
TreatsHeartgard For CatsAdvantage Multi For Cats
Heartworm infectionsYesYes
Ear mitesNoYes
GivenOrally as a tasty chewable treatApplied topically to the skin


Just like for Dogs it does seem that for Cats Advantage Multi is going to offer more protection. But only buy if this is what is needed. It will prevent fleas being a problem as well as deal with common mites as well.

Heartgard is tasty and easy to give to Cats, they love the beef flavor as much as us Dogs do. But for flea issues then Advantage Multi is going to offer great value for money.

So, there we have it, I hope it helped you make a decision.



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  1. Rachel says:

    Hey Chip…

    So, it is really “either or” rather than”both” to treat my dogs? I have always been under the impression that I am suppposed to use both. But, that runs me about $85/month for my two dogs? Would it be just as good for my dogs if I simply use the best protection of the two?

  2. Chip says:

    Hi Rachel. Yes, you only need Advantage Multi if you want heartworm protection and the extra safety it gives too. It saves you money so that is a good thing ๐Ÿ˜‰

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