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I recently published my article on the best heartworm medicine for Dogs, and not surprisingly there are quite a few follow-up questions. Mainly concerning the fact that Karen, the Human I live with, is a firm advocate of being able to buy heartworm medicine without prescription. She asked me to explain for her just why she thinks this is a good idea, and also to answer all the common questions about this rather delicate subject.

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Non Prescription Heartworm Medicine

Is It legal To Buy Heartworm Medication Without Prescription

This is the crux of the matter for many people. And the honest answer is that it is such a grey area that it is hard to give an honest answer. But really, and this is the reality, people never get into trouble for buying heartworm meds without RX. Although if you buy from a company inside the United States you do need a prescription, countries outside the US often have different laws.

I am sure that you know that millions and millions of Americans now buy their own medications from Canada every year. Why? To save a fortune, that is why. And this is not supposed to be strictly legal.

But the US Government knows that if people could not buy in this way then they would never be able to afford the medications that they need. It would lead to chaos! So, a blind eye is turned in terms of importing by individuals, and although the legality is slightly “grey”, it continues.

For heartworm medicines we are taking advantage of the fact that jurisdictions outside of the US have different laws concerning supplying heartworm medicines.

So Where Are Prescription Free Heartworm Medicines Shipped From

Many of the suppliers we recommend are based either in Canada or in Australia. Did you know that Australian citizens never have to get a prescription to buy heartworm meds in their own country? And Canadian suppliers seem to be able to ship to the US without prescriptions being needed, even though it seems they have to ask for one for people who actually live in Canada!!!

I know, it is a crazy situation.

As far as we are concerned, here at the site that finds you online pet meds at a discount, it is insulting to say that we are less able to make a decision than our friends across the sea in Australia, or any other country for that matter. What makes US citizens unable to act sensibly and care for their Dogs as they feel fit?


So, the cheap heartworm meds and suppliers we recommend are normally shipped either from Canada or from Australia.

Do I Have To See A Vet To Get Heartworm Meds

Here is how we see it.

Before any animal is given a dose of heartworm medication it is imperative that we, as responsible Dogs and people, know that it is safe. For people it means dragging us poor animals along to the Vets to get a heartworm test performed. These tests tell if heartworm disease is present. If it is not then there is no danger in giving a heartworm medicine every month.

So why the need for a prescription? They cost money. Money a lot of us do not have. We want to save money where we can, and the simple fact is that there are some amazingly cheap suppliers that will ship with no prescription if we buy via the Internet. So we want to take advantage of that.

This is a personal site, written from an adult perspective, but with lots of fun thrown in. But it does not mean that we do not take the care and protection of animals very seriously. But money is tight, Vets are expensive, and there is no getting around this fact.

Once animals have been given the all clear by a Vet then there is never the need to get a new test done. As long as after the test is clear we then use a heartworm medication each and every month of the year. This ensures that animals will always be kept heartworm free. And it is what the American Heartworm Society recommends too. i.e monthly medicating all year. They do recommend a yearly test even if you medicate each month though, and this is something that is down to the individual to decide.

The basis for this is really as they believe people may forget to give the medications at certain times of the year. If you do forget then it is recommended that you get a heartworm test done at the Vets and consult them for more advice.

Isn’t This Really Dangerous

As long as you buy the genuine medication then it is not more dangerous than buying from your Vets. As long as you are sure that it is OK to give a heartworm medicine then it makes no difference if you obtained it via a prescription or not. At least, that is our opinion.

How Do I Know It Is Safe

Only buy from a reputable company. We have bought heartworm medicines for a long time from the suppliers we recommend here, so we are confident with the quality of the meds they supply.

Couldn’t They Be Counterfeit

If you buy from somewhere dodgy yes.

Make sure you buy from a real business that is run through a pharmacy. Ensure that you are getting the genuine product and there is nothing to worry about.

What Prescription Free Heartworm Medicines Are There

I have written about quite a few, and so has Tato the Cat. In the following articles you can follow our noses to buy with no prescription!



Is It The Same Stuff

Although the packaging may look a little different if you buy from Canada or Australia the actual medication is the same. Branded heartworm medications, and even unbranded ones such as the generics, are the same the world over, as long as they are the genuine product. They just have slightly different packaging is all.


Thanks for reading.

I know this is a thorny issue for some people. Some owners simply do not believe that heartworm medicine without prescription is a good idea. Whilst others feel slightly insulted that they are not seen as responsible enough to make their own decision as to if it is safe or not.

Our recommendation is this.

Ensure that all animals have a heartworm disease test to ensure they are clear. Ask your Vet if it is safe to give a heartworm medicine. If they say yes then source the cheapest price for heartworm medicine without prescription online, and give every month of the year.

If you miss a dose, or want to be extra cautious, then consult your Vet and get a yearly test done, just to be on the safe side.



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