How to Apply Liquid Flea Meds Like Frontline Properly

There are a number of topical flea solutions now available, from Frontline for Dogs and Cats to cheap Advantage II for Dogs or Cats. The one thing that they all have in common is that they need to be applied correctly for them to work optimally. And there are a few precautions we should take after application to ensure that they will protect out pets in the best possible way.

The Pipette

Frontline PipetteThe pipette usually looks something like this Frontline pipette to the left.

It is important that you snap the top off correctly and that the pipette is held upright until you are ready to actually apply it to your Dog or Cat. I know it soundsĀ  silly but I have done the following in the past so bear with me……………..

Often I have broken off the top and then had to chase Tato or Chip around and they try to hide in a corner somewhere!

So if possible get someone else to get a firm hold of your pet while you take off the top and are immediately ready to begin application. It is easy for the whole process to get a little messy and frustrating otherwise.

A simple “snap” of the top will see the contents ready to use, you don’t need scissors anymore!

Ready to apply?



Application itself is pretty easy, as long as you know what you are doing and keep a few things in mind.

Firstly let’s see how Merial themselves recommend we apply the topical solution if we are using Frontline.

Frontline application

What they do fail to mention, and what really is recommended for all but the smallest of animals, is that you do not squeeze the whole pipette’s worth of solution out in one go.

The solution works best when it is distributed evenly around your pets body. And for larger animals it can be tough for it to get to work from head to tail unless you do actually put some of the solution in a number of places along the ridge of their backs.

So the best advice is as follows;

  1. Part the fur at the shoulder blades and squeeze a third of the solution onto the skin
  2. Repeat midway down the back
  3. and use the rest of the solution just above the tail at the lower end of their backs

In this way it will get to work as quickly as possible and it is going to ensure that your pet gets maximum protection from the topical flea protection of your choice.

Other Considerations

It is also important for most of these solutions that your pet does not get wet for at least a few hours after application. Some manufacturers recommend 8 or so hours.

The best advice is that you really should try to keep your pet dry for the rest of the day after you give them a flea treatment of this sort. It is better to be safe than sorry, and we really do not want to risk them get infested after we have gone to the trouble of trying to protect them.

Be sure that the solution goes directly onto the skin and not the fur, it will be much more effective in this way.


As always safety should be a priority.

We are using a chemical of some sort after all.

So be sure that you never get it in your own or your pets eyes, and if you think you may get some onĀ  your hands then wear disposable rubber gloves.

Keep well away from animals and children when not being used and keep relatively cool when storing.

I hope this brief guide has allowed you to get maximum benefit from the flea solution that you use to protect your pet.

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