How to Stop Pesky Fleas Naturally

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Hi everyone, it’s Chip here again. Today I am going to talk about how best to stop Dogs getting fleas. I have written about lots of different flea treatments and medications here, but if we don’t have to have any of them then that would be ideal, right?

They cost the humans money, and they also mean we have to sit still and have the solutions put on our skin. Yuck!

But at least it is better than itching and scratching all day.

Now, although it may be next to impossible to never have to have a single flea treatment there are a few natural ways to cut down on flea infestations, and that is what I am going to take a look at today.


Although many have to start using flea meds near to the beginning of warm weather it can be cut down a lot of you simply try never to go where fleas are a problem. People can help this by doing the following:

  • Not letting Dogs run loose
  • Picking places to walk carefully
  • Keeping fur shorter

If Dogs run loose then we simply can’t help but find all those lovely warm places that fleas love. And then it is game over! But if we are on a lead then it means the humans can be a little more selective about where we go.

Picking the areas we walk is very important. If we avoid places with long grass, and places that are warm, then the risk of flea infestations is much lower.

And it may also mean avoiding other Dogs too. If you find that a Dog keeps getting fleas then it may well be that he or she is simply picking them up from other Dogs. Try to avoid places where lots of Dogs congregate, or ensure that you limit contact to some degree if you do encounter other animals.

And keeping the fur short may be a good idea too. Yes, I hate having a haircut, but if it means there are less places for fleas to hide then I am all for it!

In the Home

Considering the home environment is probably the other main thing you can do to cut down on fleas  and their eggs continually being a nuisance. They love those slightly stinky warm places, so this is the first place to pay attention to. Clean all Dogs bedding and any areas where they spend a lot of time. You will be able to get rid of many fleas and also eggs if you do this.

Going over the whole house on a regular basis with the vacuum is also a very simple but effective way to eliminate any lingering fleas and eggs. Washing beds every week is a great idea, as well as any cushions or towels that come into contact with animals.

Cleaning upholstery, including curtains and any other soft furnishings, really will make a huge difference.

And don’t forget to pay attention to any other animals in the house as well. If Cats or other pets are in the home then the same precautions should be taken with them as well.

Natural Flea Treatments

My owner Karen has gone through a number of different natural flea treatments. And the sad reality is that none of them are that effective. Natural solutions simply do not work that well,  and definitely will not ensure that you get a month free of fleas like brands such as Frontline and Advantix II can do. If you want to ensure there are no fleas then these type of products are the only way.

But if you follow all of the above guidelines then you should be able to go a long way to ensuring that use of any chemical based solutions is kept to an absolute minimum.

Here is to a flea free life!


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