Interceptor Alternative for Dogs

Stocks of Interceptor are now running low with most pharmacies, or stock levels are non-existent. So what is the alternative to Interceptor for Dogs? The answer is Sentinel. Before I talk a little more about Sentinel let’s look at why it is so now so hard to buy Interceptor.

Why Interceptor is Discontinued

The simple fact is that Novartis have ceased to produce it in the US. It means that if we want to buy it then more than likely it will be from a supplier outside the US, and we then fall into the very gray area of whether or not we are buying legally or illegally.

It seems that it was discontinued as it was off the market for a while and it seemed that it would be hard for it to make a come-back.

And the fact is that Sentinel is by the same company (Novartis) and they are both very similar products.

So What Does Sentinel Do?

Sentinel works just like Interceptor actually, but it also has a flea treatment.

It will guard against heartworm disease and it will also deal with common intestinal worms and also prevent flea eggs from developing. This is actually a very comprehensive medication and it goes one step further than Interceptor by helping to keep flea infestations down. Breaking the flea life-cycle means that it is highly unlikely that your pet is going to develop adult flea populations that can cause them so many problems.

So, if you want a great alternative to Interceptor then Sentinel flavor tabs are about the best possible option. They are easy to give, have a great taste, and protect your Dog each and every month they are given.

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