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ChipsdealsInterceptor for Dogs, now updated with an added active ingredient, is now known as Interceptor Spectrum for Dogs. People who live with Dogs will now find that they can buy Interceptor Dog wormer, as well as it being able to defend against heartworm disease, it covers all the common intestinal worms as well. Making it more popular than ever before.

You can now buy Interceptor cheap, the discount price is amazing, and it is easy to see why more people are buying this brand.

The supplier I have picked also sells Interceptor for Dogs without prescription, making it the best possible resource I could find.

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Interceptor Spectrum Chews No Prescription

Being able to buy Interceptor with no RX means I don’t have to go to the Vets! Hooray! And the Woman I live with, Karen, doesn’t have to pay more than she needs to. People will find this is a very convenient option. As long as the Dog that you wish to treat has been on a heartworm medicine regularly then a Vet visit is not needed, and if not then before treatment begins then a test needs to be carried out for the presence of heartworm disease. Once given the all clear then money can be saved by buying no prescription needed Interceptor Online.

Best Price Interceptor Dog Medication Pills

I always try to find the best prices and the best suppliers, and I don’t think you are going to be disappointed. I found very cheap Interceptor for Dogs Online, and you are going to be able to make great savings. But we need to ensure that we are buying the right product, and that we know what the ingredients are. So please read on for the full facts. I will also answer common questions many owners have as well.

Interceptor For Dogs

Interceptor Spectrum chewables

We need to know as much as we can before we buy medications for our pets. So I think it is important to tell everyone just what they are buying. But Interceptor chewables for Dogs is a very safe medication, and just like Heartgard Plus chewables for Dogs, it comes in a lovely meaty flavored chewable treat.

Yum, yum. They really do taste lovely.

Information and Frequently Asked Questions

Here is the information that you need, and I will answer all the usual common questions as well. Clever for a Dog, eh?

What Does Interceptor Spectrum Guard Against?

This is a very complete medication, and now better than ever before. It will protect us Doggies against all of the following:

  • Prevents heartworm disease
  • Controls adult roundworms
  • Controls immature roundworms
  • Controls adult whipworms
  • Controls adult hookworms
  • Controls tapeworms

It is about he most comprehensive heartworm and intestinal worm medication currently available.


If you want to know who makes Interceptor for Dogs then it is Novartis.

Active Ingredients In Interceptor Spectrum

There are now 2 active ingredients as this is now an updated product. The ingredients are  Praziquantel and Milbemycin oxime.

100% guarantee

What impresses me about this product is that Novartis gives a 100% guarantee of its effectiveness against heartworm disease and intestinal worms. That is very impressive indeed!

How To Give Interceptor Spectrum

It couldn’t be simpler. They taste amazing! Simply offer from the hand and all Dogs will take them and eat them. They are tasty and chewy and seen as nothing more than a treat.

Interceptor Spectrum Tasty Chews FAQ

These chews taste lovely. In fact I would eat them all day long. But this is not allowed. Give once monthly only.

What if I gave more than one does of Interceptor?

Consult with your Vet immediately, they are to be given once a month only.

What if I missed a dose?

AS long as it has not been much more than a month then just give as soon as you remember. If it has been much longer then you may need to have a test done at the Vets to ensure there is no heartworm disease, before resuming medication.

Coupon codes for Interceptor?

Now and then we hear about pet meds coupon codes. If you want to keep up to date with any offers then simply sign up to the newsletter.

Side effects?

Very rare indeed. If there are any side effects then it is best to contact the Vets immediately.

How often to give Interceptor heartworm medicine for Dogs?

Use once a month all through the year to ensure the protection and safety of the Dog you live with.

Can it be given if I use other drugs?

It is best to talk with your Vet if you are worried about this. But it must never be used if you give any other heartworm medicines.

How is Interceptor Spectrum without prescription available?

We don’t like paying lots of money, so we buy from cheap resources. Often this means from Canada. And it means that the meds can be shipped without a prescription as well. Laws seem to be different there.

Does TatoChip sell this?

No, we just write about where to buy meds cheaply. We don’t stock them. The person who owns this site, Karen, simply wanted to provide proper information about pets meds, so people can make a proper decision about what to buy. And she also wants people to be able to easily afford to protect their pets too.

Can puppies have Interceptor?

Yes, Interceptor is safe for puppies over 2 weeks of age. It is also safe for pregnant and breeding females as well. And is actually also safe for Collies as well. Unlike Heartgard.

Interceptor Spectrum vs Interceptor

It is actually going to be hard to find the old Interceptor from now on, the new improved option is much better. With the added ingredient we can protect against more intestinal worms, so Interceptor Spectrum is much better to use.

Interceptor For Dogs Video

I made a neat video about Interceptor for Dogs. Wow! What a clever Dog I am!!!

That’s It Folks!

I hope that you found this article useful, and that you are happy with the supplier I found. Hopefully you can now make a proper decision as to whether Interceptor Spectrum for Dogs is the right choice to pick.



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  1. kandis says:

    I just ordered some Interceptor Spectrum from the site you recommended. The price was close to other sites, but I went with it and will see the result.
    I have 4 dogs so it gets very expensive to order heart meds and flea meds! Thanks for the information! Kandis

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