Interceptor Spectrum Q & A: Get The Facts

If you wish to buy Interceptor without prescription then please click the image below.

Interceptor Spectrum no prescriptionWhat if a Dose of Interceptor Spectrum is Missed?

If you missed a dose then simply give as soon as you remember. It won’t do much harm if you are only a little bit late. But it is certainly worth setting some kind of a reminder, as it does work most effectively if given on the same date each month.

Why is only Interceptor Spectrum Now Available?

It seems it was purely a business decision. As the new product treats for more issues then it would make sense to gradually stop producing the old product.

I Gave a Double Dose?

If you gave a double dose then you may find your pet has a bit of an upset stomach for a day or two. If that is all that happens then they should be fine. But talking to your Vet is always advised. And if you do see any serious adverse reactions then it is imperative that you contact them. However, it is rare for any serious reactions to a double dose as long as it is not a regular occurrence.

Will it Treat for Tapeworms?

tapeworm lifecycleIt will. It treats for tapeworms, roundworms and hookworms too.

What if the Date Has Expired?

Meds with expired dates should never be used. It can be dangerous and they will certainly not be as effective as they would be if they were in date. Best thing to do is to dispose of them sensibly and buy with a nice long expiration date.

Can You Buy Interceptor Without Prescription?

You can indeed. Our supplier ships from jurisdictions where a prescription is not required. This will save you time and money too!

What is the Difference Between Interceptor and Interceptor Spectrum?

The only difference is that the new Spectrum version will also treat for tapeworms in addition to all the other protection that it offers. This makes it one of the best options if both heartworms and intestinal worms are a serious concern.

Can I Give Interceptor and Frontline too?

You can use it with a flea treatment too. Our cheap Frontline Plus supplier means this can be quite a cost effective approach. there are other options like Sentinel and more that can be used

Dog Has the Runs?

If your pet has the runs then there is no need to panic unduly. It can happen when pets are given a medication. As long as this is only a short term issue then they should be fine. Keep lots of water available so they do not become dehydrated though. If there are any concerns then you should always consult with your Vet however.

Can I Give My Dog’s Interceptor to My Cat?

Gosh, no! You should never mix up medications like this, it can be extremely dangerous indeed. Only ever use the right medication bought for the specific animal.

What is the Cheapest Website to Buy Interceptor for Dogs Online?


You can buy for the best price from our Interceptor page, our supplier offers some great deals to our visitors.

What is the Easiest Way to Give to my Dog?

As they are so tasty this is never an issue. Simply hold out your hand offering it to your pet and they will take it and lick their lips. It’s one of the easiest ways to medicate an animal, they love the taste so much.


Thanks for reading. Hopefully this has cleared up a number of questions that you may have had concerning Interceptor Spectrum.

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