Iverhart Max vs Advantage Multi

Iverhart Max Chewable TabletAdvantage Multi for DogsToday I am going to take a look at Iverhart Max vs Advantage Multi. We will see just what each one treats for, compare prices, and take a look at just how easy they are to medicate with.

This is Chip the Wonder Dog here, bringing you all the information you need to make a properly informed decision about what medication to use for your lovely Doggie friend. Let’s find out which is better: Advantage Multi or Iverhart Max chewables.

ChipIverhart vs Advantage Multi

Although both medications are very good at ensuring heartworm disease is prevented there is a great deal of difference when it comes to what else they do and what they will treat your Dog for, and let’s take a  look at the cost difference first.

Price Comparisons

You can see the current prices from our recommended supplier by using the links below:

What you will find is that Iverhart is by far the cheaper of the two medications, and by quite some margin. But we must remember that this price reflects the difference in just what treatment is offered by each medication. They really are quite different in terms of the scope of problems addressed.

Protection Offered

Let’s see what protection Iverhart Max offers:

Iverhart Max

  1. Controls heartworm disease
  2. Treats and controls roundworms
  3. Treats and controls hookworms
  4. Treats and controls tapeworms

Now let’s compare this to Advantage Multi:

Advantage Multi

  1. Controls heartworm disease
  2. Kills adult fleas
  3. Treats for flea infestations
  4. Treats and controls hookworm
  5. Treats and controls roundworm
  6. Treats and controls whipworm

Both have the treatment of roundworm and hookworm in common then differ for the third worm parasite they treat and control.

But Advantage Multi has the distinct benefit of ensuring that Dogs stay flea free. Which makes it much more cost effective than using Iverhart combined with a flea medication such as Frontline Plus, Bio-Spot or Advantage II.

How to Medicate

Personally I much rather have a nice chewable treat than have cold solutions put on my skin, so if I could choose then I would have Iverhart Max. But if I had fleas then I think I would put up with Advantage Multi being applied just to stop the itching!

Quick Comparison Chart

Here is a handy chart I just made. No mean feat with my clumsy Doggie paws!

Treatment and featuresIverhart Max ChewablesAdvantage Multi
Treatment and featuresIverhart Max ChewablesAdvantage Multi
Treats and controls roundwormsYesYes
Treats and controls hookwormsYesYes
Treats and controls tapewormsYesNo
Treats and controls whipwormNoYes
Treats for fleasNoYes
Guards against heartwormsYesYes

Hopefully this will allow you to easily see the key benefits of each product.

What’s Best. Advantage Multi or Iverhart Max?

What I would say is that in reality these are two very different products. Whilst both treat to prevent heartworm disease and both treat and control for 3 very common other worm issues the comparison stops there. Advantage Multi is as much for fleas as it is for heartworms, and this is not what Iverhart is for, being primarily a heartwormer.

What you buy really comes down to if you need the extra protection against fleas. If you do then Advantage is a great option. And it will certainly be cheaper than buying Iverhart and also a separate flea medication as well.

I hope this has helped you come to the right decision.

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