Iverhart Max vs Heartgard Plus

Hello everyone, it’s Chip the Wonder Dog here to compare Iverhart and Heartgard. Which is better, Heartgard Plus or Iverhart Max? Let’s take a look shall we?

ChipIverhart vs Heartgard

Both of these medications are used primarily to prevent heartworm disease, and both are extremely well thought of. We have a great supplier for both medications, and they can be shipped without you sending in a prescription, the supplier takes care of all that hassle for you.

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But which one should you buy? And what is the difference in the treatments they offer?

All will be revealed.


Let’s look at price first. What I will say is that Iverhart Max is cheaper than Heartgard Plus. and it is often called a generic version. But the reality is that it is a brand in its own right, just cheaper than Heartgard. So if we go on price alone then Iverhart is going to save you some money.

Active Ingredients

Iverhart has the active ingredients of Pyrantel pamoate, Praziquantel, and Ivermectin. Heartagrd Plus has just Ivermectin and Pyrantel.

This means that Iverhart actually has more active ingredients, thus treating for more things from a single dose.

Protection Offered

Hookworms, roundworms and tapeworms are all dealt with by Iverhart Max, along with heartworm disease prevention. Heartgard Plus also stops heartworm disease, but only treats for 2 other common worms, roundworms and hookworms.

So if you want to pay less, get extra protection against tapeworms, rather than buying Dog tapeworm tabs as well, then Iverhart is certainly the medication to buy.

Ease of Medicating

Both come in chewable tablet form so they are both equally easy to actually give to your Dog, there is no difference really in this, both are very simple to give and pets seem to love the little treat you give them.

Quick Comparison Chart

Treatment and featuresIverhart Max ChewablesHeartgard Plus Chewables
Treatment and featuresIverhart Max ChewablesHeartgard Plus Chewables
Treats and controls roundwormsYesYes
Treats and controls hookwormsYesYes
Treats and controls tapewormsYesNo
Price ComparisonLowestHighest
Chewables tabletYesYes
Once monthly medicationYesYes
Guards against heartwormsYesYes

The Best Option?

If you want the extra protection against tapeworms then Iverhart Max is recommended. Even without this then it offers a better price so would be a great choice.

With the same active ingredients to treat for heartworms and common intestinal worms both products perform in the same way using the same process. So why not save some money and choose the cheaper option?

I hope that you have found this comparison of use, protect your pet but do so within a good budget. And don’t forget to medicate every month all through the year for total protection against heartworm disease.

Thanks for reading.


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