K9 Advantix II vs Advantage II For Dogs

We have quite a few different flea medications to choose from, and us Dogs know the importance of being kept flea free. They drive us mad and really are the most annoying thing ever. But never fear dear reader, Chip the Wonder Dog is here to compare K9 Advantix II and Advantage II for Dogs and for Cats, so you can decide what is best to use.

I have had any number of different flea treatments over the years, and it is great to see that these two popular products are now much improved. They really do both work very well, but there are differences, so please read this article so you can make a proper decision. You may also be interested in reading my amazing comparison between K9 Advantix vs Frontline Plus for Dogs too! And Frontline Plus vs Advantage II for Dogs and Cats,  Bio Spot vs Advantix II and Comfortis vs Frontline Plus .

And don’t forget that if you want to buy either of the products then if you use the links below you can buy for an incredibly low price. You have to click on my nose in each article to see the discount prices I found, cool eh?

People must remember that different animals seem to react differently to different flea meds, some seem to stay protected for much longer than the stated time period on the packs, and others will only ever be protected for the stated period.

This is just one of those strange things that is down to breed, and often size too. But there are some things we need to know, like the average protection period, how they work, active ingredients and the protection they offer.

So, I think it is best to explain in a simple table before I give more information on these two products. It will make comparing them both very easy indeed.

What a clever Doggie I am!

Advantage vs Advantix For Dogs

Here are the main benefits of each product.


TreatsK9 Advantix II For DogsAdvantage II For Dogs
TreatsK9 Advantix II For DogsAdvantage II For Dogs
Kills adult fleasYesYes
Kills flea eggsYesYes
Kills flea larvaeYesYes
Kills re-infesting fleasYesYes
Treats and controls liceYes Yes
Kills ticksYesNo
Kills mosquitoesYesNo
Repels biting fliesYesNo
Works for 1 month1 month


There we have it folks!

There is no doubt that Advantix is the more complete medication, it not only deals with fleas at all the life stages, as does Advantage, but it will also guard against biting fleas and mosquitoes too.

What we buy really does depend on whether or not these pests are an issue or not. For many they are simply not going to be a problem.

Is Advantage Cheaper Than K9 Advantix?

Advantage II for Dogs is a little bit cheaper than K9 Advantix II, so people can save money. If all you need is a very fast acting flea medication then I would certainly recommend Advantage. But if you want the extra protection then the price difference is minimal so the extra cost is worth it.

How Quickly Do They Deal With Fleas?

Now, there is not really a difference in how quickly each product will work.

  1. Advantage II stops biting fleas in 3-5 minutes and kills up to 100% in 12 hours
  2. Advantix II works quickly and will also kill up to 100% of fleas in 12 hours

Both products work very fast, so there is not much difference in how quickly you will see results really.

How To Apply

Both are applied topically. This means the solution is applied to the skin along he ridge of the Dog’s back. It is best applied on 3-4 spots, starting at below the collar and ending above the base of the tail.

Side Effects

The risk of side effects is  low in both products, if there are any adverse reactions then it is best to talk to your Vet.

Length Of Protection

Both should protect for a month, and in some cases it can be longer. But both are normally applied once monthly to stop fleas. As stated earlier, different Dogs seem to stay protected for different periods of time, this can only be discovered by trialing the different brands.

My Conclusion

If you want to just protect against fleas and lice then Advantage II is cheaper. Especially if you buy through the supplier I recommend. But for a few extra dollars every six months you get extra protection with K9 Advantix II, so if I was to pick one it would be Advantix. I think the small extra cost is worth it.

Even if it does mean the budget for biscuits is reduced slightly!



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