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PROGRAM® Suspension for Cats

Hi there. Tato here with a great price for liquid program for Cats. Liquid suspension Program for Cats is a very effective way to break the flea cycle, just as Program tabs for Dogs are, and as it is so popular I made it my mission to find a cheap supplier.

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My Mission

My aim is to find the best possible discount prices for Cats meds, and I think you will be more than happy with the supplier I have for you.

Great discount prices mean we can stay protected from fleas with Program being administered just once a month.

As with all medications I write about I think it is important that people know exactly how they work, and what they actually do.

So please read on to find out all you need to know about this flea medication for Cats.

I think you will find it invaluable, even if I do say so myself!

Program Liquid Suspension for Cats Information

program for catsAs with all medications it is very important that proper precautions are taken. They must be given exactly as directed, and at the right times, so please follow all instructions carefully.

What Does Liquid Program for Cats Do

Liquid Program for Cats is a flea medication that is given orally once a month.

It’s main role is to break the flea cycle, with the result that us Kitties stay flea free all year. It works by stopping the development of flea eggs and larvae. So if we have fleas then this ensures that any eggs laid will never turn into adult fleas. So the life-cycle of the flea is broken and we then stay flea free.

It is often used in conjunction with meds that kill adult fleas, such as Capstar for Cats here.


Program tabs and suspension for Cats are brought to us by Novartis. You can read more about this product on their Cats page. If you want even more information then you can download a .pdf from Novartis here.

Active Ingredeints

LufenuronThere is only one active ingredient: Lufenuron. Read about it here, or on Wikipedia.

 How to Give

It is important that Program flea treatment for Cats is given correctly, and followed up with food. But first it must be given with two tablespoons of a wet food. Using maybe tuna oil, cream, a sauce or gravy of some kind etc.

Then a normal meal is given to ensure that it works as effectively as it possibly can. This only needs to be done once a month when fleas are an issue.

TatoDosing Guideline

Always ensure that you buy the correct pack size for your pet, and give exactly as instructed.


Cat up to 9.9 lbs: 1.9g of suspension-133 mg

Cat 10 to 20lbs: 3.8g of suspension-266mg

By buying the right pack size you ensure that the doses are always correct.

Safety and Side Effects

This product has been found to be extremely safe for Cats. Used for over 8 years and with 250 million doses given, it’s safety record is impeccable.


Here are the most common questions about Program.

Is it safe?

Very, side effects are very rare indeed.

How to store?

Store at room temperature well away from any animals or young children.

Does Program for Cats need a prescription?

No, it is prescription free.

FDA approved?

It most certainly is.

Does it guarantee to kill flea eggs?

It does. Used correctly it inhibits the growth of flea eggs and larvae.

Does it kill adult fleas?

No, it just breaks the life-cycle by stopping new fleas develop.

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Is this the best price for liquid Program for cats?

As far as I can tell this is the best price. And from a supplier I know has a very good customer service.


Well, that’s it folks!

I hope that you found this informative, and that you are happy with the prices I found. Now you can buy liquid Program for Cats at the best price and keep that special Kitty safe and protected.



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