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Nuheart heartworm medicine is about as cheap a heartworm medicine as you could possibly get. It is sometimes known as a form of generic Heartgard, although with generic Heargard plus now available, it does not protect against intestinal worms like that does. But for a cheap heartworm medicine that is very effective and cannot be beaten.

Click buy now (hi, I am Chip!) and buy cheap  Nuheart heartworm medicine, from a supplier I have total faith in. And the great news is that they will ship it without prescription from you. It means no Vet visit for me, hooray!

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Nuheart No RX

Being able to buy without an RX is great. It means no trip to the Vets and it means discount prices. But people must be sure it is safe. This means that the Dog you are going to medicate must be heartworm disease free.

You know this by having a test done, or by simply having been giving a heartworm medicine previously to the Dog.

The Price

It is very cheap, the lowest cost option there is, and the supplier we linked to has a great deal. I don’t think you will find it more discounted anywhere else.

Before we use medications it is always a good idea to know exactly how they work and what is in them, so let’s look at Nuheart heartworm medicine for Dogs in detail.

Nuheart Heartworm Medicine


This is a very small pill that is very easy to give to Dogs. I know, I have been given it. The pills are tiny and they actually taste quite nice. But for Dogs that simply refuse any type of pill there is one thing that stands out with Nuheart. It can be dissolved. We can dissolve it in water and mix with food, although sneaky, the Dog will never even know you have given them their medications. Very naughty!

Let’s look at all the details for this medication.


This is a very basic medication, it does not protect from anything apart from heartworm disease. But many people don’t need added protection from fleas for their Dogs, they just want a cheap heartwormer, Nuheart is the answer.

Protects Against:

  • Heartworm disease and infections


Who makes Nuheart heartworm tablets? It is the same brand name!

Active Ingredient

It contains Ivermectin, the same active ingredient to guard against heartworm disease in Heartgard for Dogs.

Important Stuff: FAQ

There are many common questions about Ivermectin and Nuheart, I will now answer them all for you. I am a very clever Dog you know!

Is it safe for Dogs?

It is very safe for all Dogs apart from Collies and related herding breeds. Approximately 35% of Collies have a genetic mutation creating a non-functional P-glycoprotein, which means it can gain access to the central nervous system. People can get a simple test done to check if their Collie has this problem, so they know if it is safe to use or not.

Side effects?

Apart from in Collies then it is very rare indeed. The dosages are so low that any adverse reactions are not going to be common at all. If anything does happen then notify your Vet straight away.

No prescription Nuheart, how come?

Our supplier ships from a locale where an rx is not needed.

Does TatoChip sell this then?

No, we just write great articles to keep you informed! And we hunt out the best prices for you so you can afford to protect your pet. But we don’t stock or sell any of the medications discussed on our lovely Website.

How often to give Nuheart heartworm tablets?

Once a month every month. For total protection then a month should never be missed. If you do then give as soon as you remember, as long as it has not been much more than a month between medications.


At room temperature and always away from naughty Dogs and children. If they ingest them then consult a medical professional at once.

How old should the Dog be?

Nuheart can be given to Dogs of 6 weeks of age and over. But really 8 weeks is preferable.

Nuheart Video

I put my editing skills to the test and made a Nuheart video!!!

A Great Option

This is sometimes known as a generic heartworm medicine, but has gained in popularity over the last few years. Now is is better known by its own branded name, Nuheart. It is cheap, comes in simple packaging, but is totally effective at ensuring Dogs never get heartworm disease. If you want a no frills medication that is going to cost a minimal amount then I cannot recommend this option highly enough.



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