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With Program liquid suspension for Cats available, the Dogs get to have a tasty Program flavor tab instead.


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Product Information

It is important that we know exactly what the various meds we are interested in buying actually do.

So please read on to discover all the important facts about Program, and to understand the best way to use it to ensure your furry friend stays free of fleas each and every month.


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Active Ingredients

Just the one active ingredient: Lufenuron. Read about it here, or on Wikipedia.

How Does Program Work

Program is rather unique in the flea treatment category. Rather than kill adult fleas it is a Insect Growth Regulator (IGR) that interferes with the life-cycle of the flea. Eggs and larvae are unable to develop, thus it means no more fleas are going to become a nuisance to us lovely Dogs. It is often used alongside Capstar, which eliminates existing fleas in just 4 hours!

Administering and Safety

program dogsThe good news is that Program for Dogs can be given to young puppies as well as to older Dogs. And administering could not be simpler. These are tasty tablets that us Dogs love.

So to medicate simply offer up the tablet, or give with food if you want to be a little bit sneaky!

Ensure that you watch the Dog so they take the whole dose.If not then you can re-dose just the once, and straight away.

Dosing Guidelines  Dogs: 4.5mg lufenuron/lb of body weight


Here are the answers to your common questions:

Does Program need a prescription?

No, this is a prescription free medication.

Will it kill adult fleas?

No, this is to stop eggs and larvae developing.

Is it safe?

Side effects are very rare indeed. If any adverse reactions are noted then contact your vet.

How to store?

Keep well away from children and pets and store at room temperature.

How often to give Program?

Give once a month, and try to begin using it at least a month before as well as a month after the flea season.

Is this the best price for Program for Dogs?

As far as I could tell this is the best price currently available. This is a very effective and affordable flea medication and I recommend it to stop eggs and larvae from developing.


Thanks for reading, I hope you found this of some help. Using medications on animals should always be taken seriously, and it is best to be informed about them properly. Ensure you know they are safe, and ensure that you always use them as recommended by the supplier.

Program flavor tabs are one of the best ways to break the life-cycle of the flea, and all it takes is a tablet once a month.

Simples 😉


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