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Hello everyone, Tato the Kool Kat here at the cheap pet meds information site, TatoChip, to get you a low price for Revolution for Cats and to provide you with all the information you need to know.

Click buy now to see the cheap Revolution for Cats prices that I have uncovered. You can also buy with no RX.  Don’t forget about Revolution for Dogs too.

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Revolution For Cats No Prescription

Unlike most pet meds suppliers, we always use ones that allow us to buy with no need to fax or post a prescription. It means I don’t have to go to the Vets (woo hoo!) and the Woman I live with, Karen, gets to protect me for minimal cost and with no need to make trips or phone calls.

Just be sure that you know that the Cat you want to protect from heartworm disease is heartworm free before you begin a course of treatment. This is important.

Best Price Cat Revolution

I have found what I think is the about the best price for Revolution, plus it is from a supplier that we all trust. And they really are a great company. Order today for a low price and get no RX Cat Revolution in just a few days. Suppliers that obtain the RX from your Vets are rare, so take advantage of this great way to get your meds with minimal hassle.

Revolution Cats Information

cheap Revolution For Cats no rx

Unlike many other heartworm medicines this is an externally applied topical solution. It is NEVER used internally, people have to apply it to our skin. It only takes a few seconds though, and then we are protected from lots of common problems we face in our day to day lives.

I will give you all the information that you need to know, and then go over some common questions that many people want to know the answers too as well.

Cat Revolution Information

This is one of the most comprehensive medications available, and it really is going to give a lot of protection. It protects Cats from all of these nasties:

  • Prevents heartworm disease
  • Treats and controls roundworms
  • Treats and controls hookworms
  • Treats and controls ear mites in Cats
  • Eliminates adult fleas
  • Stop flea eggs developing


I told you it was a brilliant medication

The best thing about Revolution is that, unlike many other flea meds, it is not a pesticide. It is a broad spectrum parasiticide, making it very safe.

Who Makes Revolution For Cats?

It is brought to you by Pfizer.

Active Ingredients

Selamectin is the active ingredient in this product.

How To Apply Revolution For Cats


Order Of ApplicationSteps To Apply Revolution For Cats
Order Of ApplicationSteps To Apply Revolution For Cats
FirstBreak the seal on the capsule
SecondPart the fur beneath the cats collar
ThirdSqueeze the solution onto the skin using 4 squeezes
FourthDrag the empty capsule down and away from the skin
FifthRepeat monthly for total Cat protection


It really is as simple as that. It should take just a minute or two to apply and then you do not need to apply again for at least a month.

Frequently asked Questions

There are a few common questions that I want to address, so read on for all you need to know about this product.

How often should you use Revolution for Cats?

Use once a month all through the year for total protection. It is important that Cats are never allowed to develop adult heartworm disease, it is not easy to treat, like it is with Dogs. See more about Cat heartworm disease here.

Who sells Revolution for Cats?

There are a number of different stores that sell it, as well as the Vets. But our chosen supplier is about the cheapest there is. Plus no prescription is needed to be sent by you, so it makes life much simpler. If you want to know where to buy Revolution for the best price then click buy now at the top of the page.

Can you use Revolution for Cats on Dogs?

This is not advised. The pack sizes are for the size of the specific animal, so always buy the brand for the right animal and for the weight they have.

How safe is it?

Very. Less than 1% of Cats get so much as even a slight upset tummy. So you are buying one of the safest medications of its type. It is not a pesticide, unlike some other options.

I missed a dose of Revolution for My Cat?

It’s OK, as long as you give it as soon as you remember, and as long as it has not been more than a month. If it has been longer then seek the advice of your Vet. And ensure that you never give more often than once a month. It should also never bee used in conjunction with any other heartworm medicine either. This can be very dangerous.

Do you sell it?

No. I am here to let you know who sells for the best price, and in the easiest form to buy. We don’t stock it or sell it ourselves. It is shipped from pharmacies in the country the supplier is based in.

Can Kittens have Revolution?

Yes, as long as they are over 6 weeks of age. It can also be used for pregnant and breeding female Cats as well.

Is Revolution waterproof?

After 2 hours it is. Then it is safe to shampoo (Urghh!) your Cat if you must. I don’t recommend this, water is scary!

Do you need a prescription for Revolution for Cats?

You do. But you don’t need to supply it yourself. When you order you give your pets name and the Vets phone number. That’s it! The supplier takes care of the RX details by contacting your Vet direct.

Do indoor Cats need a heartworm medicine like Revolution?

Yes. Although they may not be as prone to infection it is still a possibility. They can still come into contact with infection carrying mosquitoes so it is well worth giving a monthly application to be sure.


If you want a medication that is going to protect against all common problems us Cats face then Revolution is about the most comprehensive. I have told you who sell Revolution for Cats cheap, and with no prescription sent by you, and I recommend that this product be used if fleas, intestinal worms and even ear mites are a concern, along with heartworm prevention.

Make sure that you apply it correctly, and that you use it once a month all through the year. If you don’t then at least then switch to just a basic heartworm medicine, like Heartgard chewables for Cats, so that you guarantee the Cat that owns you doesn’t develop heartworm disease.

I know it is not easy to know what medication to pick, but this is about as good as it gets. And the low price for this product means that it is not going to be too much of an issue as far as money is concerned. This product is very similar to Advantage Multi for Cats and comes just as highly recommended.

Revolution Cats Video

I made a cool video, so be sure to take a look.

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