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Hey everyone! It’s Chip here with another great article for a popular heartworm medicine. Plus I have some great prices for you too. Cheap Revolution for Dogs is becoming more and more popular with Humans, thanks to the very broad protection it offers Dogs they live with. You can use the buy now button to see the low prices from our favorite pet meds supplier, and read more about why I think they are a great company to work with. Don’t forget there is also Revolution for Cats too.

Our favorite supplier is also one of the few places where you can buy Revolution for Dogs no prescription too, which means I don’t have to go to the Vets.

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Revolution No RX

Vets often charge for prescriptions, and often have high prices for meds, it isn’t their fault, but for owners it can be a problem. The Woman I live with, Karen, set up this site so people can buy in the most convenient manner, taking advantage of her experience finding low prices. And you can buy Revolution for Dogs no RX from my recommendation.

This is safe as long as you know that the Dog you live with does not have heartworm disease.

How Do You Know This?

All Dogs should have a heartworm test before being given heartworm medications. And then they should be given a medicine every month of the year to keep them safe. If you give every month then you know that your pet is heartworm disease free, and then it is safe to buy Revolution for Dogs.

Great Price

Karen hates paying for things. So, she set up this great site, and let me and Tato loose to write about the meds that all animals need. And I have a great discount price for you today. My nose leads the way, so follow it!

Revolution Dogs: Known As Stronghold

revolution for dogs no prescription

This product is externally applied to the skin in liquid form, unlike most other options, but it does give a lot of protection for common problems us Doggies face.

Many more people now buy it than ever before, so let’s take a look at all the information about Revolution. I will then also answer many of the common questions people ask about this, and will offer some of my own, very informative, advice!!!

Revolution For Dogs Information

This acts in a number of ways. It is going to safeguard Dogs from the following:

  • Prevents heartworm disease
  • Kills adult Fleas
  • Stops flea eggs hatching
  • Controls and treats ear mite infections
  • Treats sarcoptic mange
  • Eliminates and protects against ticks

As we can see, it offers a lot of protection.

Heartworm disease is on the rise, so we need to have a medication once a month. And with many of us Dogs getting fleas now and then (it isn’t our fault, honest), this makes Revolution for fleas and heartworms the best, and cheapest option.


Brought to you by Pfizer who makes Revolution for Dogs.

Active Ingredients


How To Apply Revolution To Dogs

It is important that topical solutions are applied correctly. It makes sure that they work the right way and offer maximum protection. Much as I don’t like having wet things put on my skin, and neither do lots of other Dogs, it is for our own good.

  • Break the seal on the pipette
  • Part the fur on the Dogs back so you can see the skin
  • Squeeze the liquid out onto the skin
  • Ensuring it does not get soaked up by the fur
  • Discard pipette

It really is that simple!

Frequently Asked Questions

There are a few things that all people should know before they decide to buy and use Cheap Revolution for Dogs, here are some of the most commonly asked questions.

 How often should you use Revolution for Dogs?

It should be used once a month and never more often than this. And it should never be used if you are currently using another heartworm medicine.

Does Revolution stop animals getting heartworms?

No, mosquitoes that are infected and bite are what give us poor Dogs heartworm infections. But don’t worry, it takes months for the little larvae to develop and make their way to the heart. Only then are they going to cause you any issues at all. So, if we use a monthly heartworm medicine to prevent heartworm disease then if a Dog gets bitten by a nasty mosquito there is nothing to worry about.

Who sells Revolution for Dogs?

It is sold by a number of online stores as well as Vets. My pick has the best price Revolution for Dogs that I could possibly find.

Is Revolution safe?

It is actually one of  the safest options available. It is not a pesticide, it is a broad spectrum parasiticide, and has a minimal risk of adverse side effects. Less than 1% of Dogs even experience a slight upset tummy, and that is very good in relation to other options.

I missed a dose of Revolution?

That is OK, As long as it has only been a month or so then just give as soon as you remember. But if it has been much longer then ensure that you talk to your Vet first.

Does TatoChip sell it?

No, the Woman I live with called Karen set up this site to help people who live with pets. She has found great prices and wanted to pass them on. This is because so many people don’t protect animals as they cannot afford to. She also lets us write comparisons of the different medications people use on Dogs and Cats too. But we don’t sell them, we just tell you who is the best person to buy from.

Revolution for Dogs no prescription, how come?

The supplier ships from outside the US.

What age can it be used for Dogs?

Use for Dogs over 6 weeks of age. And it is also safe for pregnant and breeding females according to the information supplied.

What happens if I used Revolution twice in a month?

Contact the Vet straight away. It should never be given more than once monthly?

Do you need to use Revolution all year?

For total protection against heartworms then you do.

Can you use Revolution for Dogs on Cats?

No, you need to buy in the right quantity for each animal, so always use the right pack for the right animal.

How fast does Revolution for Dogs work?

It gets to work very quickly and will protect for a month.

Is it waterproof?

After 2 hours it is waterproof, so it can be used for animals that may get wet after that period of time.

Facts About Discount Revolution Flea And Tick For Dogs


Revolution For Dogs
Revolution For Dogs
TreatmentOnce a month all through the year
Used toStop heartworm disease, sarcoptic mange, fleas, ticks, ear mites
AvailabilityFrom Vets, online pharmacies, and with no prescription from limited suppliers
PesticideNo, Revolution is not a pesticide, it is a parasiticide
ApplicationOne spot on the skin beneath the collar line
Best dealThis is one of the cheapest ways to prevent heartworm disease and fleas at the same time
Side effectsVery rare, and normally limited to localized problems
RecommendedIf fleas are a problem then this can save you money. It is much cheaper than to buy a flea med and a heartworm medication. Only Advantage Multi for Dogs compares


Revolution for Dogs Video

I made a video for Revolution for Dogs too!!!

You are not going to find a medication that protects more for such a simple and cheap application. You just apply once monthly and ticks, fleas, heartworms, mange and ear mites are all dealt with quickly. Buy Revolution flea and tick medication and keep all Dogs free to live happy lives!

Buy Revolution for Dogs Online and keep the Pooch protected.



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  1. michelle says:

    if my dog weighs 125lbs how much revolution do i give him monthly ?


    • Chip says:

      Hi michelle, it is always recommended that you use a full capsule so it would be 1 of the Green and 1 of the Red. Hope that helps.

  2. sylvia schultz says:

    I have Rough Collies, all with the MDR I mutation. Because this allows meds to permeate the blood/brain barrier, I am reluctant to use most oral Tick preventatives. Now, the dilemma is that TICKS, all kinds, are rampant in Northern Illinois and I do a LOT of AKC tracking, through streams, woods, fields. Has Revolution been used in Collies? thanks

  3. Chip says:

    Sylvia, I think it best to check with your vets, I wouldn’t want to give you the wrong advice here. As far as I know it is safe for Collies (usually Ivermectin is the issue) but please check with your vets.

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