Revolution vs Iverhart Max

If you have been wondering which is better Iverhart Max or Revolution for Dogs then this article should clear things up. Deciding what pet meds are bets is never easy, and with more and more products now on the market it seems to get harder to decide every day.

Although both excellent heartworm medicines there are some very distinct differences between the two products, as we shall see.

ChipPrice Differences

There is a relatively large difference between the two when it comes to price. Iverhart is much cheaper by far, and a great way to medicate against heartworms for an absolutely rock-bottom price. The good news is that we also have a supplier that will deal with your Vet for you, so thee is no need for you to sort out a prescription. This is extremely handy and makes the life of the busy pet owner that much simpler. See below for the current prices from our chosen suppliers.

Enough abut price, let’s take a look at the actual benefits of each product. Brought to us by Pfizer and Virbac.

Protection Given

Iverhart Max

Iverhart Max no prescription

  1. Treats to prevent heartworm disease
  2. Controls and treats roundworms
  3. Controls and treats hookworms
  4. Controls and treats tapeworms

revolution for dogs no prescriptionRevolution

  1. Treats to prevent heartworm disease
  2. Kills adult Fleas
  3. Stops flea eggs hatching
  4. Controls and treats ear mite infections
  5. Treats sarcoptic mange
  6. Eliminates and protects against ticks

We basically have a product that either controls heartworms and other common intestinal worms, or a product that controls heartworms and ensures your pet stays flea and tick free.

Ways of Medicating

Being a Dog (did I say? This is Chip the Wonder Dog writing this) I prefer a tasty chewable treat like Iverhart to having a cold solution poured onto my back, but if I was all itchy from fleas then I would put up with Revolution. So, a chewable for Iverhart or a topically applied solution for Revolution.

A Chart for Quick Comparisons

Treatment and featuresIverhart Max ChewablesRevolution
Treatment and featuresIverhart Max ChewablesRevolution
Treats and controls roundwormsYesNo
Treats and controls hookwormsYesNo
Treats and controls tapewormsYesNo
Treats for ticksNoYes
Treats for fleasNoYes
Guards against heartwormsYesYes


Hopefully that will help you to quickly see just what protection each medication actually offers.

Which is Best: Iverhart Max or Revolution

So, should you buy Revolution for Dogs or Iverhart Max chewables?

It really comes down to whether or not fleas and ticks are an issue. Meds to stop them can be expensive so combining treatment with heartworm medicine is the most cost effective thing to do. If they are not an issue then the very low price for Iverhart makes it the perfect option to control heartworms.

Pick the product that covers the expected issues and you can make some really rather dramatic savings.

I hope that this guide has helped you to make a decision, and thanks for reading.


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