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Today I am going to talk about the very important issue of fleas. They can be a real problem in some areas, and in other places they are not really an issue at all. Especially in very cold places, which I hate. I like to feel nice and warm, and I always make sure I beat Chip to sitting right in front of the fire.

Anyway, fleas.

Should Cats be given flea treatments or not?

I am of the firm opinion that I don’t want to be treated with anything unless it is absolutely necessary. And whether or not a Cat should be given a flea medication really comes down to a few different key issues really.

  • Temperature
  • Lifestyle

Temperature Considerations

If the weather is cold then fleas are not really going to be an issue at all. They thrive in warm temperatures and will only pose a problem once it has heated up quite a bit.

It means that for a part of the year there is no reason to give us any form of flea treatment. Only once you know the season is going to start in a month or so should they be used, and only then if the Cats lifestyle is one that is going to make the presence of fleas more likely.

Lifestyle Considerations

I am a free spirit.

Which means that I like to roam about at night and sleep for a lot of the day (in front of the fire if possible).

The only problem with this is that I am much more likely to get fleas as I am outside a lot. It also means I come into contact with a lot of other Cats, and sometimes other animals as well. Many other Cats are not as well looked after as I am, and this means that they are often full of fleas. Which would be on me in seconds if I wasn’t treated every month with a flea medication like this one.

If you add to this the fact that I also go roaming around in long grass, and get up to all kinds of other mischief (sshhhh), then the chances of getting pesky fleas when it is warm are quite high.

I know that some Cats don’t really like to go outside that much, and for house Cats then the risk of coming into contact with sources of fleas is much reduced. Those Cats will seldom need to be given any kind of treatment, so lifestyle really is very important when it comes to deciding whether or not to treat regularly or not.

Cost is always a factor for humans I am told. So my recommendation is to only medicate around the time that you know fleas are an issue, and only if you know that the chances of the Cat you live with getting them is quite high. House Cats may not need any treatment at all, but Cats that roam outside a lot will probably need medicating once a month for a good part of the year, if you want to keep them totally free of fleas and flea eggs.

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