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Trifexis heartworm medicine for Dogs is growing in popularity, and this Dog is pleased that it is. Not only is it very tasty, it also protects against all the common problems I face. And now it is cheaper than ever before, and it is even available without prescription.

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Trifexis Without Prescription

If you want to buy Trifexis for Dogs no prescription then they are one of very few suppliers that offer this service. You don’t have to post or fax it in.

It means that I don’t have to go to the Vets with my owner Karen, and she gets to save money. And guess what?

It means I get extra bikkies with the money she saves!


But if you are going to use this heartworm medicine, or any other, then make sure that the Dog you are going to medicate is currently heartworm free, this is very important, so don’t neglect this important point.

And here at TatoChip it is our aim to educate people as well as to tell them where they can buy for low prices. So please read on for all the information that you could possibly need, and to see just what Trifexis is going to protect against. It is one of the most comprehensive medications that is currently available. Buy Trifexis no RX needed to be sent in, and protect a Dog from loads of common problems, plus it tastes lurvely!!!

Trifexis Information

It is important that we know what we are buying, so I will now give information about what this medication does, and then answer all of your common questions. This means you get a real understanding of how this medication works. So many sites gloss over the facts, I don’t want that to be the case here. Us Dogs are special you know, and we need the right care.

What Does Trifexis Protect Against?

This is an amazing product and very comprehensive:

  • Protects against heartworm disease
  • Kills fleas
  • Treats and controls adult hookworms, roundworms and whipworms

This makes it just about the most comprehensive tablet available. Nothing else protects against so many different problems.


Who makes Trifexis for Dogs? It is brought to you by Elanco.

Active Ingredients

There are two active ingredients in Trifexis, spinosad + milbemycin oxime.

Trifexis Chewables For Dogs

Trifexis heartworm tabsThe beauty of this medication is that it is a chewable treat. It is going to mean that you never have to worry about any Dog actually taking their medications. Over the years Karen has tried all manner of sneaky things to get me to swallow pills, I always outwit her though! Even when she tries to hide pills in food.

But this is different.

It tastes of Beef!!!

All Dogs love it and you can give it to them from the hand and they will eat it in seconds. But only one, we are not allowed to have more than one each month so be sure to follow this.


Here are answers to the many common questions people have about this product.

How often to give Trifexis?

Once a month all through the year for total protection against all the problems it protects against.

Are there side effects?

This is very rare, but if there are any then please contact the Vet immediately.

How to store?

Make sure that you keep it away from children and animals. As it is a tasty treat it is going to be very tempting to us Dogs, and even for children too!

What if a monthly dose is missed?

As long as it has not been much longer than a month then it is safe to simply resume medication. If it is much longer than this then it is best to consult your Vet first.

What if my Dog vomited after I gave it?

If they vomit up the pill then you can simply give another one after a suitable interval.

Can it be given with other drugs?

It should never be given with other heartworm, flea or intestinal worm medications. If you are in any doubt then consult a professional.

Coupon codes for Trifexis?

We get to hear of deals and coupon codes for pets meds now and then from the suppliers we recommend. If you would like to stay up to date then please subscribe to the newsletter.

Can you give Trifexis to puppies?

You can, as long as they are over 8 weeks of age.

Can you give Trifexis for Dogs to Cats?

Absolutely not, this is a medication for Dogs only.

Where to buy Trifexis?

I recommend you use the supplier I suggested, they have the best price and offer no prescription needed to be sent Trifexis for Dogs too. But you can also buy from the Vets and from other Online pet med stores too.

Will Trifexis kill ticks?

No, I am afraid not. It will not kill ticks.

The Wrap Up

I hope that this has been informative. Trifexis flea treatment and heartworm medicine is the most comprehensive tablet currently available. Nothing else deals with these problems as well as intestinal worms, so if you want to save a Dog from these annoying and potentially dangerous pests then this comes very highly recommended.

Make sure you use it every month and all through the year for maximum protection.

We love the taste so it is the easiest way to medicate to keep us safe.



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