What Is The Best Heartworm Medicine For Dogs

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I know that a lot of Humans really struggle to decide on heartworm medicines for their Dogs, it is not easy. Luckily you have me, the Mighty Chip to help you to pick the right one. With a little bit of help from Karen, the owner of this site too. You can read about her and this site on the About page. You will find that when it comes to cheap pets meds we find the best suppliers and offer some great information too.

There are a number of different options for heartworm medications, so I think it is going to be the most sensible approach if I break them down into categories. How does that sound?

OK, great!!!

The two main categories are Pills, and topically applied solutions. Many of the pills, although not all, come in tasty chewable form (yum), and the topical solutions are options that are applied externally to the skin. Usually along the ridge of the back.

I will give a brief description of each one, and at the end of this article I will give you my top recommendations, as well as links for you to read about each one in greater detail. Plus you can buy for discount prices via my recommended suppliers as well.

Heartworm Medicine Pills

Pills are the choice for many people as they make medicating easy. Many are tasty chewables, so we like to eat them straight from the hand, and if not they can be mixed in with food, or even dissolved, in the case of Nuheart. Although personally I think this is a sneaky tactic!

Heartgard Chewables

  • Prevents heartworm disease

Heartgard Plus Chewables

  • Prevents heartworm disease
  • Controls Roundworms
  • Controls Hookworms

Generic Heartgard

There are now generics for both regular and the Plus version of Heartgard. Both will offer the same defense as the branded options.

Interceptor Spectrum

  • Prevents heartworm disease
  • Controls adult roundworms
  • Controls immature roundworms
  • Controls adult whipworms
  • Controls adult hookworms
  • Controls tapeworms


  • Prevents heartworm disease


  • Prevents heartworm disease
  • Adult hookworms
  • Adult roundworms
  • Whipworms
  • Prevent flea egg development


  • Protects against heartworm disease
  • Kills fleas
  • Treats and controls adult hookworms
  • Roundworms and
  • Whipworms

Of all the chewable options it is the Trifexis no prescription option that offers the most comprehensive protection. Not only does it deal with heartworms but it also treats for common intestinal parasites and fleas as well. If these are issues then this is by far the best value for money. But if you are just looking for a cheap heartworm medicine that will allow you to prevent heartworm disease then Valuheart is the lowest cost option.

Topically Applied Heartworm Medicines

For some people they prefer the topically applied solutions. With pills for heartworm prevention we are limited to only Trifexis if we wish to kill adult fleas, so the topicals are important if we want more options for medicating to stop heartworm disease, and fleas as well.

Advantage Multi

  • Prevents heartworm disease
  • Kills adult fleas
  • Treats flea infestations
  • Treats for lice
  • Treats for mange
  • Treats and controls hookworms
  • Treats and controls roundworms
  • Treats and controls whipworms


  • Prevents heartworm disease
  • Kills adult Fleas
  • Stops flea eggs hatching
  • Controls and treats ear mite infections
  • Treats sarcoptic mange
  • Eliminates and protects against ticks

As we can see, the liquid solutions applied to the skin are mostly more comprehensive than the pills. So it is going to be down to people to decide what is going to be the best purchase.

Some Thoughts

It is best to think about what you really do want to protect against. If you currently use a flea medication and a heartworm medication then it makes total sense to switch to one of the options that offers protection for both. It saves money, cuts down on medications used, and means you are less likely to forget to give the medicine.

Overall I would say that the Advantage Multi without prescription option is about the most comprehensive option, and Trifexis comes a close second.

Please see the bottom of the page for links to all the medications discussed in this article. And don’t forget to read my article answering common questions and concerns about heartworm meds without prescription too!

I hope that you found this guide useful.



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