When to Start Using Flea Treatments for Dogs and Cats

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Ensuring that you give flea meds for Dogs and Cats at the right time is very important. And luckily you are going to read my wonderful guide and learn all that you need to know to keep either a Dog or Cat protected.

This is Chip here, the best Dog in the world. And I want to give you advice on ensuring that your wonderful Doggie friend or your stinky Cat companion doesn’t ever have to worry about fleas.

Karen asked me to write this, as she knows that I am a very clever doggie indeed.

Flea Treatment Timing

Timing is all important when it comes to flea treatments. You need to make sure that you only use flea meds as often as is needed, but you don’t want to miss crucial dosing times either. There is no point using them if you don’t need to, you want to save money and minimize the meds you use.

But for animals to stay protected you do have to ensure that you know exactly when to use them. The basic guideline is this:

  • Begin one month before flea season
  • Treat all through the flea season
  • End treatment a month after the end of flea season

You should be able to discover from experience, or by looking up the data online, exactly when flea season starts and ends in your area. Weather has a great flea activity map you can check out.

Basically flea season comes with warm weather, and in the US is usually from March to October. And many areas do not have enough of a difference in the seasons for there to be anything but a constant risk. That would me you should medicate all year long.

But for those that do have seasonal variations of some kind then you should only medicate a month before the temperatures warm up, and a month after they begin to cool down.

I know that I seem to get fleas the most when it is the warmest, and then I get medicated with Frontline Plus. Luckily I don’t have it all year as we get a bit freezy in the Winter.

Buy the Right Product

Please ensure that you do buy the right flea meds for the right animal. I have written about lots of them for Dogs and Tato has written about them for Cats. See all our articles in the flea treatments category here.

Be Safe

As always……………….be careful out there!

Fleas are a real menace. Make sure to use a good quality product that works effectively. Everything we have written about here works well, so have a read and pick the one you think will be easiest to use, and the cheapest too.

Never use a med for a Dog that is meant for a Cat, and vice-versa. And always make sure to use the correct dose for the size of the animal too.



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