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About Tato

About Chip

My name is Karen, and this is a pet meds site with a difference. The mission is simple, find discount prices for pets meds, so that owners can afford to care for their pets.

And I also offer advice on what to buy too. Actually, Tato and Chip do that! It can be very confusing knowing what the best options are, as I found out many years ago.

I got totally fed up with paying so much for common items like Heartgard Plus chewables or Frontline Plus for Dogs that I decided to do some investigating. Much as I love my Vet, online prices are much cheaper from lots of places. And I was amazed at by how much. The only problem is knowing who to buy from.

On this site you will find that Tato the Cat, and Chip the Dog prowl (geddit?) the Web helping me to search out the best suppliers. I post links to my favorite stores so you can buy cheaply, but also I only recommend suppliers that provide great customer service too.

And I also provide comparisons between different brands, so that you buy exactly what is right for your Dog or Cat. Obviously Tato and Chip cannot really write, they are animals after all! But I thought it would be fun to make a Website that was something different, so all meds are written about in their voices, but are still extremely informative.

About Tato

Tato is a typical Cat, somewhat aloof, very smart, and great at finding a great deal for all Cats meds. She thinks she is Super Cool (as do all Cats) and loves her Sunglasses (she thinks they make her look like a Rock Star!), but she hates the Vets. So, she has made it her mission to help all people owned by cats to find deals online, from sites she knows will let Humans save money, so they can buy the Cats that own them more treats! She also like to call herself a Kool Kat, just humor her!

About Chip

Obviously Tato is in charge, although Chip the Dog likes to think that he is! Best not tell him any different. He is a simple soul, he loves to be friends with everyone, but he hates going to the Vets too. His mission in life is to ensure that no other Dogs need to go to the Vets either. So he finds great deals for all the top brands so all Dogs can be as healthy as possible. He thinks his blue Hat means he is a Trucker, he loves to travel in vehicles, let’s not tell him any different, OK? He also likes to be referred to as “Chip The MIGHTY!”, yeah, I know!!!

Pet Meds No Prescription

Tato and Chip really do dislike going to the Vets. It scares them! So they only like to find out about deals that don’t involve even me having to go to the Vets office to pick up a prescription.  Just in case they get made to come too! All the meds they find great deals for are prescription free. From popular heartworm medicines to flea control, to all manner of other non RX pet medications. This means that many of the companies recommended source and ship their supplies from jurisdictions that do not require prescriptions from you. I have found this makes things a lot easier. Some of the most popular options are Heartgard Plus without prescriptionRevolution for Dogs without prescription, Revolution for Cats no prescription and Trifexis no prescription.  Plus brands that are becoming more popular like Interceptor no prescription. Not to mention the fact that I found amazing deals for discount options like Generic Heartgard too! But please see the bottom of the site for the other medications I found suppliers for too.

I firmly believe that as long as I look after Tato and Chip, and ensure that I give them a monthly heartworm medicine, then I should NOT have to pay high prices at the Vets. And have to pay for, and collect a prescription. Year round medicating means they are never at risk of heartworm disease. I am an adult and am intelligent enough to keep my pets safe, and I am sure you are too! Read the best heartworm medicine for Dogs guide for detailed information on picking the right option.

Popular Pet Meds

Cheap Pet Meds

These are some of the most popular pet meds Tato and Chip have found great prices for. But they have also found great deals for lots of other medications too. Don’t forget that they also give you lots of information on each product page, so you know exactly what you are buying, if there are any side effects, and whether or not it is the right choice.

See below for all the products written about, and the great prices found.